Affordable Carpet Mould Repair Services in Black Mountain

Mould is a kind of fungus that prosper in the presence of moisture, dust & oxygen. Carpets provide the most favourable condition for mould growth as all requirements are fulfilled there. The easiest way to prevent such issues is by keeping your carpet dry as much as you can. If carpet mould is not cleaned within the time then it might cause severe health problems and can also cause irreparable damage to your carpet. 

Reasons for mould growth in carpet

As discussed above, mould can cause severe health problems. These issues can be easily avoided by cleaning your carpet thoroughly twice a month. Mould can be developed due to 3 major reasons and these are mentioned below.



This is the most common factor of mould growth in the carpet. Moulds organisms are present in the air & stick to the moist surface. We must keep an eye on our carpets near the kitchen & bathroom as these places have lots of moisture.


Dirt & Dust:

If you don't clean or vacuum your carpet frequently then you are inviting the problem yourself. Because dirt contains microorganisms that can be used as a source of food by mould and it helps the mould to grow and flourish. So always try to keep your carpet clean & hygienic.


Carpet & Padding Quality-

Choose your carpet wisely because it is not easy to clean the bad quality carpet as liquids and dirt particles seep into the carpet padding which is hard to clean. So always use good quality carpets. 


How to Remove Carpet Mould

If you found some clues of Moulds on your carpet then it's high time to get rid of that as it smells so bad and makes your carpet look ugly. Your ignorance might take your carpet towards irreparable damage. These are not the carpet issues that can be handled at home without any professional's help. The wisest solution to this issue is hiring an experienced & well-equipped carpet mould repair {Suburb} Professionals for mould removal service. But, In some cases when mould has formed recently, You can get rid of it yourself.

Use of Baking Soda is the oldest & most effective method for mould removal in the books. Sprinkle the baking soda all around the area you find traces of mould growth. Let it there for 24 hours & then pour some vinegar over the baking soda. The baking will soak all the moisture from the carpet & then the vinegar will remove the mould from the root. After that, you have to clean the mould using a scrubbing brush. This way you will remove the mould from the carpet. 


Precautions to prevent mould growth-:

Here are some precautionary steps to prevent mould growth.

  • Always clean the gutter on your roof so that water does not stay in them.
  • Keep a check for leakage in the roof, floor & walls & repair them earliest as possible. 
  • If you keep plants inside your home then make sure the pot is not placed directly on the carpet
  • If you keep firewood in your home then make sure it's kept away from the carpet as firewood holds moisture which leads to mould growth in the carpet. 
  • Install a dehumidifier in your home, if you have a humid climate in your city. 


Why you should Hire us?

We have a team of trained professionals of carpet mould repair Black Mountain. They are able to handle all sorts of carpet issues and our specialized team of mould repair has members who have expertise in mould removal. So if you want to experience the best mould treatment in Black Mountain, then just call us once for a booking or free quote.

Frequently Asked questions 


How does mould Damage the Quality of the Carpet?

Moulds can damage your carpet a lot as they penetrate into your carpet fibres and makes the fibres weak due to the accumulation of moisture and dust in them. This will make the carpet fibres & padding more vulnerable & leave a black spot on your carpet. 


How do identify the traces of mould on the carpet?

At the earlier stage, You can identify the mould infestation on your carpet with your smelling sense. If you have a musty or a pungent smell in your home then there's is 99% chance that you have a mould infestation on your carpet.