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Drapery Cleaning Service

Maintaining the interior beauty of a home can be challenging sometimes as keeping everything near and clean can be quite difficult. If you don’t have many things at your home then the cleaning work gets easier but with more decor stuff at home, the work of cleaning gets more complicated. Similarly, if you want your house to look beautiful then you would consider hanging curtains and drapes all over the windows. They may look beautiful but it also becomes quite difficult to clean them on your own and when you fail to maintain their grace or delay their cleaning, then the same drapes that were supposed to make your home look beautiful, end up making your home look shabby and dirty.
That’s why you need to keep your curtains and drapes clean all the time. They should be cleaned once or twice every quarter. Many people as per Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra workers have observed, tend to ignore curtain cleaning in Sydney as they find it difficult to do so and time-consuming. But no worries as Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra is here to do the cleaning on your behalf. We are the best drapery cleaners near you and we will make your curtains look as good as new in no time.

Drapery Cleaning Service
When should the Drapes need to Clean?

Curtains appear to be all clean and good but they appear to be dirty when you look closely. You can find a lot of things in a drapery that has not been cleaned for a long time. There can be webs, mould, stains, dust, dead insects, etc. that keep on building up in a shady area of your curtains. That’s why you need to get them cleaned by professionals. Most of the time it’s recommended that you get your curtains cleaned by professionals every 6 months, especially if you are living at a rented property. You want a full recovery of bond money at the end of your lease period. Otherwise, if you are living in an area far from the main cities, then you should get your drapery and curtains cleaned at least once per annum. 

Our Process to Clean Drapes

If you’re looking forward to getting some on-site drapery cleaning then Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra should be your first choice as we will clean your curtains just the way you want them. Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra workers follow a well-defined set of steps to do the job perfectly. Here is the whole process is explained: 

Inspection of Drapes:

In the beginning, one of the Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra workers will inspect the drapes properly. He will look for all the stains, moulds, and dust accumulations and along with that also examine the fabric that the drapery is made of, to determine what cleaning solution will do the job best.

Apply Cleaning Solutions:

After noting down the crucial facts acquired during the inspection, our workers will start the cleaning work. Out of all the cleaning solutions available, Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra workers will choose the cleaners that won’t harm the curtain as well as take care of all the dirt in the least time possible.

Dry the Wet Drape:

After applying the cleaner, our workers deeply clean the curtains. They rinse the dirty areas properly for deep cleaning. Once the stains and moulds are removed, the water is extracted from your curtains with the help of a wet vacuum cleaner. And after excess water has been removed, it’s left to dry for half an hour.

Spray Sanitisers:

once the curtains are all dried up, the only thing left to be done is spraying them with sanitiser, so that after the cleaning if there remain any germs, then those get killed with the sanitiser. The sanitiser will also make sure that no new germs can attack and stay on the surface of your curtains for weeks to come.

Final Inspection:

At last, our most experienced worker will take a look at your curtains and ascertain if the curtain has been cleaned properly or if something else needs to be done. Mostly our workers do their job in the first go, but sometimes minor stains may still be there, then those stains are cleaned separately by our experts.

Benefits of Drape Cleaning Canberra

Without a single doubt, you will also agree that getting your curtains cleaned is beneficial to you in several ways. Studies have proven that only by dusting your curtains once a week, you can save them from getting too much dirty and if you wash them once every 5-6 months then it can save you and your family from developing any sort of allergies. Curtains can accumulate so much dust, dirt, and germs within them that they can easily make you visit a doctor. So always keep those drapes clean for your well-being. Apart from that, there are so many other benefits with curtain cleaning in Canberra and some of those are mentioned here:

Remove Gems:

The cleaners that are used for curtain cleaning contain anti-germ compounds, that get rid of all sorts of germs from your curtains. All major germs are killed with these curtain cleaners and your house is saved from them.

Improves Texture:

When the curtains are not cleaned for a long time then their texture is damaged in some areas. Washing will take care of mould that may end up damaging the curtains and degrading the curtains. You can feel the difference in the texture with your bare hands.

Extend the Drape Life:

just like anything made of fabric, washing and cleaning makes it much cleaner and also extend its life because the dirt stuck inside the fabric breaks the microfibers, which cause long-term damage but very slowly. By washing, this thing can be avoided and the life of drapery gets extended.

Peaceful Environment:

There’s no doubt about the thing that your home gives out more peaceful and good vibes when your surroundings are clean. Same way when your curtains are all cleaned up, it makes your interior look better which in turn makes your living area much more peaceful.

Why Choose us?

In big cities like Canberra itself, you will find so many professionals providing their services for the same thing and many of them claim to be the best at it. But many of them aren’t even licensed. But that’s not the case with Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra as we are among the leading drapery cleaning service providers in Canberra. We cater to every customer the same way and help them improve the interior of their home by providing our cleaning services while using the best equipment out in the market. The cleaning solutions that Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra workers use are approved by the authorities. So next time you feel like who to call for curtain cleaning, just call Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra and we’ll be on our way.


FAQ about Mattress Stain Cleaning Service

Can you Clean all types of Drapes?

Yes, Drapery Cleaning Services Canberra professionals have all the equipment and cleaners, required for cleaning any kind of curtains and draperies. No matter if it’s a blackout curtain or a silk curtain, our workers will clean them in no time and with precision. To fix an appointment you can call us on our customer support number.

Which is the best way to Clean Drapes?

Speaking of the best way of curtain cleaning, there’s no such thing as the best way of doing it. One method can be best for some types of curtains but cause damage to other types of curtains. Although it can be said that you can remove the curtains, put them in the washing machine with mild detergent and rotate them at a regular speed. The only exception for this type of cleaning is blackout curtains.

How often should drapes be cleaned?

It’s better if you use a duster once a week or two and remove the dust from the surface. But at least once every 6-10 months you should remove the curtains and toss them into the washing machine or call professionals for their professional curtain cleaning services.