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Natural and other damaging disasters can happen at any given time. The loss of priceless valuables is a hard and difficult experience for anyone. In the event where all might be lost, your priceless and treasured things can be restored by choosing Major carpet cleaners

Water Damage Restoration

Depending on the source of the flooding, water damage Carpet restoration services Canberra can be treated and saved. It’s important to act quickly to avoid permanent damage. If you have furniture and/or personal belongings on the wet carpet, they need to be removed quickly to avoid staining the carpet.

Over a short period of time, mould and mildew can ruin the carpet and cause health risks. Our team of certified water damage experts can act fast, possibly saving you thousands of dollars it would cost to replace the carpet.


Water Extraction Service (Clean Water) 

If the carpets were flooded with clean water (such as water that comes out of your faucet), we would sanitize the carpet, extract the water and use professional drying equipment.

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Water Extraction Service (Unsanitary Water)

Carpet with water damage from a storm, shower or plumbing failure would be considered unsanitary water. In these situations, there are considerable health risks and precautions must be taken. If the water damage restoration Canberra is in a very small area, it may be possible to salvage the carpet. Our Major Carpet Cleaners Technicians can clean up and decontaminate the water damaged area.

water damage area

Water Damaged Carpet Restoration Service in Canberra

We specialize in restoring your Damaged carpets after the event of water or fire damage. Your valuable rugs and carpets are too valuable and a delicate job to be left to amateurs. Our trained personnel staff has restored is the most qualified to bring your carpet back to normal.

We use the latest state of the art equipment to detect moisture and prevent mould, mildew, and other microorganisms that will damage your carpet further.

To speed up the drying time, we use special air movers that flow air along with the floors, walls and carpets. In other cases, we are equipped with state-of-the-art commercial dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers will effectively remove moisture based on your carpets.

We also provide immediate service in the event of water damage Carpet restoration Canberra.


Water Damage restoration Service we offer in Canberra

 >> Water and fire damage restoration

 >> Soot damage restoration

 >> restoration water damaged carpets

 >> State-of-the-art water extractions

 >> Turbo dryers & dehumidifiers.

 >> Mild-side, deodorizer, disinfectant.

 >> Carpet and padding replace.

 >> Mildew spores and fungus treatment for carpets.

 >> Remove and dispose of damaged carpets.

 >> We will handle all insurance claims.

 >> Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Carpet Restoration after water or fire damage is a difficult task and should not be left to amateurs. Experts from Major carpet cleaners Canberra are most qualified to put you back to normal.

We use only the most up-to-date equipment, which can detect moisture and remove it before it begins breeding mould, mildew, and other micro-organisms.

We also use special air movers that send air along with floors, walls and carpets. This speeds up the drying time. In commercial premises, we use heavy-duty dehumidifiers to remove moisture quickly and efficiently.

We excel in providing emergency water damage restoration Canberra. Our emergency crews are is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


All Carpet restorations Are Guaranteed For One Year

We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the Major carpet cleaners’ workmanship. That’s exactly why we give a one-year warranty from the date of service on all carpet restoration labour.

This warranty will stay with the Major carpet cleaners’ original customer and cannot be transferred. This warranty may be voided for the following reasons:

  • Over-wetting of the carpet
  • Not having your carpet cleaned by an IICRC certified professional carpet cleaner
  • A flood or significant water damage
  • Leaving the thermostat above 85 degrees (heat can harm adhesives)

Major carpet cleaners’ technicians are experts in identifying these situations. If you’ve cleaned your carpet, you must be able to provide a receipt for an IICRC Certified carpet cleaning company in Canberra to maintain your warranty on Major carpet cleaners’ labour.

So if you are dealing with water, flood or sewage damage and need a water damage restoration company at your home or business now, then Call us and our water damage experts at Major Carpet Cleaning can be there quickly and start mitigating the damage, fast.


Remediation and Water Damage Restoration Canberra

Major Carpet Cleaners has been saving and restoring peoples’ businesses and homes for over the years. More importantly, we’ve been helping people just like you get their lives back on track.


FREE Inspection Can Save You Thousands in Water Damage Restoration Costs

Your water damage restoration costs can skyrocket if the damage isn’t caught and managed quickly. Major carpet cleaners offer you FREE water damage inspection, which indeed helps you save potentially thousands in unnecessary water damage and home restoration.

Plus, if the source of the water damage is small enough, we can even show you what you can do yourself without incurring a cost from us – we’re ready to help however we can!


Expert Water Damage restoration Technicians for Your Home or Business

You just want professionals to help – we understand. That’s why we’re IICRC certified and highly experienced technicians in water damage restoration Canberra. We also partner with disaster remediation experts to help ensure your home or business is thoroughly restored so you can go on with your life.

Expert Water Damage Restoration Technicians

Reduce Your Stress and Your Insurance Headache

We’ll immediately assist you in taking the steps necessary to meet insurance companies ‘Damage Containment’ policies. This way you’ll know that your insurance-related restorations are being handled properly – giving you peace of mind and saving you many headaches.

Flood, sewage damage, mould and mildew is a nightmare to deal with. Water damage restoration doesn’t have to be. Let our water damage remediation and restoration experts at Major Carpet Cleaning help restore order to your life, today.

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