Carpet Mould Repair Newcastle

Carpet Mould Repair Newcastle

In your house, the most vulnerable place for mould formation is your carpets or rugs as these are the places where all the basic requirements are fulfilled for the development of mould. mould can form in the presence of moisture, oxygen, and dust. In the carpets near your kitchen and washroom, mould can easily develop due to the presence of moisture. That’s why it’s always advised to keep your carpets dry because the moisture gets trapped inside the fabric of your carpets and it becomes very musty and mouldy. If the mould is not cleaned within the time then it can cause several health problems as well as it may also cause irreparable damage to your carpet.

Carpet Mould Repair Sydney

How mould Can Affect Your Health    

mould can be harmful to your health in several ways. A wet carpet becomes vulnerable to mould formation, that’s why you must always make sure that your carpet is not left wet. Many times your carpet becomes wet due to your negligence but sometimes it may happen due to some uncertain events like pipe leakage or flood. A wet carpet or rug will eventually develop mould and its negative impact on your health are discussed here by Carpet mould Repair Newcastle:

  • Mould can cause an allergic reaction on the skin, especially kids’ skin.
  • It may irritate skin, nose, or throat.
  • In some cases, if you touch your eye with the mould infected hand then it may cause eye redness and itchiness.
  • Breathing in mould can cause problems in breathing or even asthma.

All these above-mentioned health hazards can be easily avoided just by making sure your carpets are kept away from moisture. But in any case, if your carpet gets wet and you aren’t able to dry it or if your carpet develops too much mould and it becomes tough for you to clean it, then you can call Carpet Repair Sydney and we will make sure that your problem is solved.

Some Common Causes of Carpet mould in Newcastle

mould, as discussed above, may cause lots of health problems. To make sure your carpet remains clean and mould-free always check them thoroughly once or twice a month. Your carpets may develop mould due to 3 major reasons and these are mentioned here:

  • Humidity:

This is the one factor that contributes the most towards mould formation. Moulding partials are present in the air all the time and if they land on a moist surface, then they start spearing. You must always keep inspecting the areas of carpets around the bathroom and the kitchen, as these places have lots of humidity and moisture.

  • Dirt and dust:

If you don’t clean your house every now and then, the problem of mould can be seen more excessively. Dust contains lots of microorganisms that are used as a source of food by mould and it helps the mould to grow and flourish. So always try to keep your carpets clean or else it may contribute towards mould formation.

  • Carpet and padding quality:

A bad quality carpet will not be easy to clean and it will absorb most of the liquids spilled over them. As a result, the liquids and solids will remain inside the fibres or even penetrate through the carpet and reach the padding. So always use good quality carpets.


How to Fix Carpet mould

Once you’ve found out that mould has developed in your carpet your first thought is how to get rid of that mould as it smells so bad and also makes your carpet look bad. Not just that if you don’t do the mould removal then it may give your carpet irreparable damage. So you must always call professionals like Carpet mould Repair Newcastle for mould treatment services. But some ways can help you in getting rid of mould on your own but it will only work if the mould has formed recently.

For proper mould removal, you can use the oldest and most effective method in the books and that is the use of baking soda. Fully cover the mould stains in baking soda let it sit there till the next day and then pour some vinegar over the baking soda. The baking soda that had been left overnight, will absorb all the moisture from the carpet and then the vinegar added afterwards will make sure that the mould is removed from the root. You must use a scrubbing brush and put some pressure while cleaning the area. This way you will remove the mould easily from your carpet.


Prevent your Carpet from mould and Moisture

You can prevent mould formation by following the tips mentioned here:

  • Always clean the gutters on your roof to make sure no water stays in them.
  • Check for leakage in the roof and floor and repair them as soon as possible.
  • If you keep plants inside your home then make sure that the pot is not placed directly over the carpet
  • If you Place your firewood in your home then make sure it’s kept away from the carpet or at least there is a barrier in between wood and carpet.
  • Install a dehumidifier in your home if you have a humid climate. It will remove the humidity from the air. Along with that, you can install air purifiers, as they will remove the spores of mould from the air.

Why Hire Us?

Carpet mould Repair Newcastle is among the leading carpet cleaners in Newcastle and we have a trained staff that has expertise in making your carpets and rugs mould-free. For wet carpet repair, you can rely upon Carpet mould Repair Newcastle and be tension-free. Our mould removal specialists in Newcastle will make sure that your carpet is restored and there’s no sign of mould left in it. So if you want to experience the best mould treatment service in Newcastle, then call Carpet mould Repair Newcastle right now.

Our Specialized Techniques for Carpet mould Removal in Newcastle

To make your carpet all nice and cozy, Carpet mould Repair Newcastle workers will use many ways and methods, and some of these techniques are mentioned below:

1. Anti-mould spray:

This spray is specially built for taking care of mould that formed on as well as under the carpet. This kills the mould as well as restricts it from spreading or even growing back.

2. Dry cleaning:

Special cleaning agents are used in this method, which allows our workers to use a minimal amount of water so that they can finish cleaning your carpet and after that, it can be used without waiting for too long.

3. Dehumidifier:

it will dehumidify your carpet by sucking out all the moisture completely from the carpet. Without moisture, it becomes very easy to remove the mould and dust.

100% Satisfaction Services

The main moto of Carpet mould Repair Newcastle is nothing else but customer satisfaction. The main objective of our experienced staff is to provide you with the best carpet cleaning services and that also at a very affordable rate so that you get the maximum amount of satisfaction. The level of precision our workers practice while making their carpets clean is extraordinary. Another benefit you will get by hiring our services is that you will save loads of time as the Carpet mould Repair Newcastle workforce will finish the work in the shortest time possible and make sure you can use your carpets as soon as possible.

FAQs Carpet Mould Repair Services in Newcastle


  1. How does mould Damage the Quality of the Carpet?

Well, moulds can damage your carpet a lot as mould is a cluster of tiny microbes or to be specific, fungi. They penetrate through the fibres of your carpet and over time the mould will make the fibres of your carpet weak due to the accumulation of large amounts of moisture as well as dust in it. This will break the fibres of your carpet and also the padding of your carpet.

  1. How to Remove Black mould from Carpet?

You can get rid of black mould from the surface of the carpet by covering the whole area with baking soda and letting it sit for 5-6 hours and after that spraying vinegar over it and scrubbing the whole area with a scrubbing brush. This will remove all the mould particles from the carpet.

  1. What are the Symptoms of mould?

If you’re having a mould problem at your home then you will be able to identify it with the help of your smelling sense. If you have a persistent musty or a pungent smell in your home then there’s a 99% chance that you’re having a mould problem in your home.