Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

You invested a lot of time and money in choosing and purchasing the perfect Oriental rug for your home or business. Whether you have chosen to put it on the floor or to hang it on the wall, you want it to look its best all the time. You no doubt take care to vacuum it regularly. You might even rotate it so that it wears evenly. You might turn it upside down to get the dirt out. But if you are not having it professionally washed every few years, you are missing out on an important step that can extend your carpet's life.

Do not wait until you see stains, discolouration or uneven wear. Conduct a visual inspection of the back of the carpet - pick up a portion of the rug and look at the base. Check the line of knots created when the rug was made. The dirt that accumulates here, at the base of your carpet and in between the individual knots, cannot be reached by your vacuum cleaner.

Carpets get dusty. That is normal. But left alone too long, the dirt and dust that accumulates in the carpet will cause signs of premature or uneven wear, discolouration and even bad smells. Pick up a corner of the carpet and tap it strongly. If an excessive amount of dirt and dust is released, it is time to call the cleaners. Major Carpet Cleaners provide the best Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning service.

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Does Your Carpet Need Cleaning?

"Oriental rug" is a general term that is commonly used to refer to all rugs and carpets made in the middle and far east. At one time, Oriental rugs were exclusively handmade. Today, however, many rugs coming out of this region mimic the handmade motifs and colours found in antique and traditional rugs of this type. Prices for carpets labelled "Oriental" can range from under $200 to thousands of dollars. Low priced carpets are, in most cases, machine-made and have easy care instructions. When it comes to properly clean an authentic, high-end carpets, special considerations must be taken.

If your Oriental rug is installed in a moderate to heavy traffic area, it will probably need cleaning every year or so.

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