Carpet Patch Repair Alexandria

Carpet is one of the most common and badly used commodities of our house. It faces various problems like dust, damages, stains, pet scratches etc. But if a carpet small section is damaged then replacing the whole carpet is not effective or we can say it's just a waste of money because replacing the entire carpet requires a lot of money & repairing its patch requires only a fraction of it. Our team of carpet patch repair Alexandria has vast experience & tools to repair such carpet issues.  Our team of Major Carpet Repair Sydney is pleased to assist you all around the city. 

Carpet Patch Repair Services

Our Carpet Patching Process

Carpet patching is a process or technique that works on small sections of carpet & if the damage is big then this technique won't work. 
Whether the carpet gets damaged due to burning, stubborn stains or pet scratches. The damaged area of carpet is removed and a new matching spare carpet is pasted into that section with the help of hot glue. 

We offer the most affordable carpet patch repair services to commercial & residential clients. We also provide wet carpet restoration, restretching, same day carpet repair & emergency carpet repair services. Our top priority is to provide the best services at the most competitive rates. We are known to be a reputed carpet repair company in Alexandria for the quality of our service.


Remove the damaged area of the carpet: 

In the first step, We measure the damaged part of the carpet and cut that part with the help of sharp Cutting equipment. Most of the time experts prefer to cut the damaged area in a rectangular shape to avoid further damage.

Find Spare Carpet: 

In this step, our team will find a spare carpet that looks similar to your damaged carpet. It's our responsibility to find a new patch of the same type and colour for your carpet.

Attach the spare carpet patch:

In this step, our experts will use the measurement tool to cut the new carpet patch in the same size as the damaged area of the carpet. After this, our experts attach the spare carpet patch to the damaged area with the help of adhesive glue. Then we use a heave machine to ensure that the carpet patch is attached to the carpet or not. 

Carpet blending

In this step, we trim and comb the carpet fibres to blend the new carpet patch with the existing carpet. 


Some Perks of Carpet Patch Repair Services

To protect your carpet from different types of damage carpet patch repair is essential. Taking proper care and timely maintenance not only enhances its look but also its lifespan as well. You can hire experts for carpet patch repairs services to get the damaged carpet repaired effectively. You can call our team of carpet patch repair (Suburb name) Professionals at any time. 

Satisfactory Results: Our team of carpet Patch experts work according to the customer's needs. We ensure top-notch results before the place and makes your carpet look a new one. 

Easy Booking Process: We provide the easiest ways to book our services. One can easily contact our team through the mail, call or Whatsapp. 

Affordable Rates for Carpet Patch Repair: We provide the most affordable carpet patch repair services within Alexandria. No other competitor can beat us in terms of prices and quality of our service. 

Flexible Schedules: We provide flexible booking schedules according to the customer's needs. We are 24/7 available at your service. You can even change the time and date of the previously booked service. 


Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Patch Repair Services in Alexandria

How much does it cost to repair a patch of carpet?

In Alexandria the average cost to repair carpet patch falls b/w & $100 to 300$. The price depends upon the size of the damaged area and the type of carpet material.   


How do you replace a small section of the damaged carpet?

Our team of carpet patch repair experts are well-equipped with the latest tools & have vast experience to handle such situations. We are pleased to replace the damaged section of your carpet with a similar new patch.