Carpet Burn Repair Sydney

Repair your carpet burns seamlessly

To protect your carpet from damages carpet repair is very essential. It makes your carpet look like a new one and also increases the life of the carpet. One can hire the services of expert carpet burn repair Sydney to get their burned carpet repaired. Burned carpet doesn’t look nice and ruined the whole decor of the house. The carpet burn can be due to cigarettes, candles or fire, etc.  But don’t worry as you can call us at Major Carpet Repair Sydney for carpet burn repair services.


Our process to repair carpet burns in Sydney

Carpet Burn Repair Sydney uses various effective methods to remove the burn from the carpet. Our experts use various effective tools and methods for repairing the carpet burn. Hiring our professional expert carpet burn repair services will not only save your money on new expensive carpet replacement and time on repairing on your own but also do the carpet burn repair professionally more effectively. Our experts take great care while repairing your damaged carpet and rug and also ensure that there is no further damage to the carpet while repairing. The common process used by our experts is the carpet patching technique. It involves the following steps.


Remove the burned spot

First, our experts will mark down the burned spot of the carpet with an effective measuring tool. Then our work will use specialized cutting equipment to cut the marked burned area of carpet properly. Mostly they will cut the burned area in a rectangular shape to avoid inappropriate cutting of burned carpet area. After that our experts will cut off all the extra leftover threads from the carpet with the help of a sharp cutting tool.

Find the spare carpet

In the next step, our professionals will first find out the same type of new carpet piece. It will be our expert’s headache to find outa new carpet piece which is of the same fabric and design as burned or damaged carpet.  If our experts will be unable to find the same carpet piece then they will look for exactly similar-looking carpet pieces from the market.

Attach the spare carpet

Now in this step, our experts will cut the new carpet piece in a size similar to the burned area of the carpet with the help of essential specialized equipment. Now, they will use various effective glues or any other lotion to attach the patch of the carpet to the burned cut-out area of the carpet. After that, they will use different equipment to ensure that patch is properly attached to the carpet and also ensure that these patched new carpet pieces don’t look odd.


How to prevent carpet burns?

In the future, one can take various necessary steps to avoid carpet burns. A carpet burn can be due to many reasons like due to cigarette, candle, fire, iron, electricity, or due to any carelessness. The burn on carpet doesn’t look nice at all and also spoiled the entire look of the premises or house.  So before it becomes too late one can prevent their carpet from a burn by simply taking a little more care. Following are a few normal tips are given by our experts through which one can easily prevent their carpet from burning or fire in future.

  1. Don’t allow anybody to smoke on or near the carpet or rugs. The cigarette is one of the most common things which cause carpet burn. So don’t allow anybody to smoke near the carpet area. Tell them to go outside or doesn’t smoke.
  2. Another main source of carpet burn is a candle. So doesn’t light a candle on or near the carpet as a candle can accidentally fall on the carpet and can cause burn on the carpet.
  3. There is different electric equipment like a blow dryer, straightener, curlers which if left on carpet can cause carpet burn to a great extent. Try to use these gadgets away from the carpet to avoid carpet damage.
  4. Also, keep these all things away from the kids as they can also cause fire or burn on the carpet by leaving these things on carpets.

How much does it cost to fix a burn in the carpet in Sydney?

Normally our carpet burns repair costs range between 100$ to 350 or 450$. The cost of carpet burn depends upon the various factors like

  • The size of carpet burn
  • Type of carpet fabric
  • Whether a similar carpet patch is available or not
  • Type of carpet
  • Type of carpet repair service
  • Amount of equipment needed
  • Type of carpet repair treatment chosen by customers, etc. lot more.

So if you want to know the exact price of the carpet burn repair then you will have to contact our experts for detailed analysis. Our expert’s carpet burn repair services can minimum cost up to 100$ and maximum range can be up to 2000$ depending upon the different circumstances.


Can carpet burns be repaired?

Yes, carpet burn can be easily repaired. But if almost 90% area of carpet is burned then it is not possible to repair that carpet. The reason for it is that it will cost very high and out of that repairing cost one can buy new carpet so for highly damaged or burned carpet we recommend buying a new carpet. One can get carpet burn repair for the expert’s professionals. Experts like us follow a normal and effective step to step process which involves the following steps

The steps of carpet burn repair that our experts follow for repairing the carpet burn in Sydney are as follows.

  1. Inspection of the carpet burn
  2. Evaluation of burn damages on the carpet
  3. Burns and torn carpet patching process for burned part of the carpet
  4. Final inspection of the whole carpet to ensure no carpet burn mark.


Can you replace just a patch of carpet?

One can use carpet patching techniques for different types of carpet damages including carpet burn. A carpet can get damaged due to different reasons like due to

  • Stubborn stains
  • Burn
  • Torn
  • Hole
  • Scratch
  • Cuts
  • Pet damages
  • Chewed by pests, etc.

For all these types of carpet damage, carpet patching techniques can be used. Under this technique, the experts use the small or big pieces of carpet leftover which are similar to the original carpets, and create a patch over the damaged area of the carpet. In case they don’t find similar leftover pieces from the original carpet then the professional experts will use a different piece of carpet that will look similar to make a patch.


How do I fix a hole in the carpet?

Along with our expert services, one can also try to fix their carpet burn or hole at home on their own. One will need the following tools and material, to do carpet patching at home on their own.

  • Scissors or cutter
  • Marker to mark the carpet
  • Gloves to avoid accidents
  • The knife if scissor is not available
  • Single side carpet tape to patch the new piece
  • Masking tape if single side tape is not available
  • Similar or same carpet piece, etc.

Under this method, you will have to make a small patch either from the same carpet or a different carpet with a similar look and quality. This method involves the following steps.

  1. First, find out a piece of the same carpet or similar carpet.
  2. Cut this piece in a rectangular form or shape with the help of a cutter or knife.
  3. Now, measure and mark the damaged carpet area.
  4. Now, use the single side tape to mark the outline of the damaged carpet and cut that area.
  5. After this, remove the damaged part of the carpet and measure and cut the new carpet piece which is to be used as a patch.
  6. Insert the carpet tape at the marked area and then insert the replacement carpet piece.
  7. Press the repaired section strongly to ensure that patch is properly installed.
  8. Instead of carpet tape, one can also use carpet glue.