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Promising & Feasible Carpet Patch Repair Services

Is your carpet torn or damaged? We all must have faced this carpet issue quite often & No matter how much you struggle to save your carpet. But hold on a minute If only a small portion is gets damaged then you don't have to replace the whole carpet and empty your pocket. Instead of that, Just hire our carpet Patching Sydney services and get your carpet repaired by our team of experts in a fraction of money. Major Carpet Cleaners is a company that offers all sorts of carpet repair Services in Sydney at affordable rates. 

Carpet Patching Service


What is Carpet Patching?

It is a process of restoring small portions of the carpet by replacing it with a similar spare carpet. The damages can be done due to several reasons like a burn, tear, pet damage, stubborn stain etc. Under carpet patching, the damaged carpet is cut out by a cutter and a spare carpet of the same measurement is attached to the position with the help of adhesive glue. 


Common Causes of Carpet Patch damage

The portion of the carpet gets damaged due to several reasons. We have listed some common issues due to which portion of the carpet gets damaged or penetrated. Just go through these causes and try to avoid them in future.

  • Furniture Indentation: Heavy furniture cause long-term damage to your carpet. At best, It leaves permanent dents on carpet fibres and at worst, It will penetrate the hole in the carpet. But don't worry these issues can be resolved by a patch repair service. 
  • Carpet Pet damage: Pets have a habit of scratching carpets because they might see, smell or hear something & which leads to rips & holes on the carpet. You can try to keep your pets away from the carpet which is quite difficult. Our team of carpet patch repair can handle such issues & leads to spotless results.

    Carpet Tufting: It's a situation when some of your carpet fibres get loose & pull out off the base and rise above the rest of the fibres in your carpet. This happens to the older carpet & it's natural. You've might feel the urge to pull off those risen fibres but you should just simply cut the extra-long fibre. 


Reasons to Choose us for Carpet Patching in Sydney

It is essential to protect your carpet from different types of damages. It does not only increase the elegance of your carpet but also its life span. But it's not a DIY thing that you can do yourself at home. One can hire the services of carpet patch repair experts to get the burned or damaged carpet repaired perfectly. Here are some benefits of hiring us that will provide you with the following benefits.

  • 100% Satisfactory Results: Our technicians are equipped with the latest tools which helps them to get the best results. We work according to our customer's needs which helps them to trust in us that we'll get the desired outcome. 
  • Economical Carpet Patch Repair Services: We offer the services all around the Sydney at very feasible rates but it doesn't mean that we compromise with the quality of our work. We are the company known for its quality of work & feasible rates. 

  • Easy Booking Process: Our booking process is also seamless and easy for everyone to book with just one call. You can book our services on WhatsApp, email, or by calling us. We serve all around the Sydney & anyone can easily hire our services without any hassle. 

  • Flexible Cleaning Schedules: We provide our customers with a flexible booking service which means that they can reschedule the date and time of their service if they are not available on the day of booking. We also offer emergency or same day carpet patch repair services. 


Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Patch Repair Services

1. How do I fix a carpet patch that has been damaged?

Answer: We follow the process called carpet patching to repair a particular portion of carpet. But this process doesn't work if the carpet is majorly damaged in that case it's better to replace your carpet with a new one.


2. How long does a patch take to repair?

Answer: Generally, a small patch is gets repaired in 25-40 minutes. But if a patch is bigger then it might take more time to repair. 


3. Is it worth hiring professionals for carpet patch repair services?

Answer: Yes, Hiring professionals is the best way to repair carpet patch more effectively & in less time as compared to doing it on your own. They blend the new patch with the existing carpet so gracefully so that it becomes undetectable. So, it is always a better option to hire experts for such services.