Professional Carpet Repairing Services in Sydney

Carpet makes your home look and feels warm, inviting and luxurious. It offers underfoot comfort and a cosy, safe feature perfect for all rooms of your home. Carpets can beautify your living areas manifolds.

Does your carpet have cigarette burns, iron burns, tears, rips, pet stains, red wine stains, sun damage and all other un-removable stains? Don’t worry, we offer amazing carpet repair services in Sydney that can bring your carpet back to life.

 If you have bought an expensive carpet, you already know that you have invested in a piece of art that turns your home into something really special. But some carpets or rugs of the highest quality still suffer when you walk over them all the time. Because of that, one day you will have to give your carpet some restoration or reparation through professionals. We at major carpet cleaners in Sydney have many years of experience and repair small and big damages at our in-house specialist workshop. Even if your carpet is heavily damaged, we will do a high-quality repair based on experience and expertise. We will take our time to analyse your antique or modern carpet because we know that a high-quality reparation takes time, patience and a sense for detail. We take care of the carpet you love and because of that, each rug will be well repaired and brought back to you restored in its original condition. Repairing carpets needs a lot of experience. We do all the repairing manually. We prove with each rug that we can work with every material and have a good eye for detail. If the fringes or edges of your high-quality carpet already have some damage, you should act quickly and give your rug to the hands of experts. Minor damages can be repaired at a low cost because of our long-lasting experience. For that, we fasten the fringes of the carpet and do not make complete new fringes for your rug. Doing so assures that the beauty of your carpet will be preserved, and it saves you on the cost.


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Repair, don’t Replace

Trust the professional team at major carpet cleaners for a proficient carpet repair service in Sydney

We specialize in the following services: 

  • Holes & tears
  • Warping 
  • Buckling 
  • Loose seams & stitches
  • Carpet fraying & de-lamination
  • Burns & scorch marks
  • Water damages service
  • Pet damages service
  • Discoloration & fading

We pride ourselves on not only our high-quality results but also, our commitment to your satisfaction.

If your rug has bigger damages, we will get the original material from the country of origin so we have the right colour and can reconstruct your carpet. You won’t see any difference to your original rug because we solely use high-quality materials.

Full Service, Professional Results

Hiring us will for your rugs give you the following advantages: 

  • Expert cleaning, repair and restoration service cleaning of hand-made rugs washing of both imported and domestic carpets
  • Special care (hand washing or dry cleaning)
  • Re-fringing and binding
  • Re-weaving and patching of holes
  • Repair following moth and water damage
  • Renewal of design
  • Re-stretching and ripple removal
  • Blocking
  • Rug under padding cut to fit
  • Loading available

Step by Step Procedure of Carpet Repair Services in Sydney

The procedure used by professionals for sterilizing as well as for carpet repair is explained in detail below:

Step-1. Inspecting your Carpet

First of all, our experts will check your carpet thoroughly, inspect it for problem areas where to repair it. Our experts will examine everything in your carpet closely, according to which they start treating them further. Some of these factors are:

  • The carpet type, size
  • The fabric of the carpet
  • The life expectancy of the carpet
  • Any safeguards provided by the carpet constructors

Step-2. Dry Brushing

After inspecting the carpet, our professionals will do dry brushing on your carpet so that any little junk that needs to be removed will be completely removed from the carpet stitching.

Step-3. Extracting the Carpet Cleaning and Repairing Method

Steam carpet cleaning and repairing method

Dry cleaning method.

Step-4. Carpet Cleaning and Repairing

Your carpet will be vacuumed with a specialized HEPA filtered vacuum and then treat any spots, spillages and the infected areas on it. We also do bugs, mites and mould elimination treatment by repairing agent to provide the complete and ensured clean carpet.

Step-5. Carpet Anti-Allergen Treatment

We further apply the anti-allergen and deodorizing treatment to your carpet.

Step-6. Carpet Drying and Sanitation

After cleaning, we will dry the carpet with the help of latest technologies.

Step-7. Towel Drying and Fabric Protection Process

Under this step, we take the clean towels to wipe down the carpets to clean it well and we do use fabric protection technique so that your carpet can stay beautiful. Odour free and durable for a long time.

Step-8. Carpet Inspection 

The final step of cleaning and repairing process, our professionals cross-check each inch of your carpet is a good way so that it is clean and fixed in every way and our customers have a satisfactory determination.

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We offer Carpet Repair in Sydney, using advanced tools and technology offering safer, faster and smarter results. We have redefined the art of carpet repairs by eliminating all out-dated and un-safe techniques and tools that cause smoke, bad smells, heat distortions, dripping glue and burning tools.

The carpet fixing process involves patching a damaged piece of carpet with one in better condition. It does take skill and specialised tools to complete such task and because of this, it’s best to hire a professional that can get the job done without incident. 

At Major Carpet Cleaners, we share the correct process with you and discuss suitable solutions before completing the job. We explain to you the process of each job and the expectations of the outcome depending on the status of your carpet.

We aim to provide the best service of Carpet Repair in Sydney; our goal is to build a long-term relationship with all our customers by delivering exceptional service.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries either online or call us on +61431652005.

Our Trusted Professional Process in Sydney

We have a dynamic team that understands the craft of rug making and preserving it, so we work hard to give you an experience worth remembering.

Repairing your carpet does not just mean that no one should see the repair. It also helps to preserve the value of your rug. Especially when you have bought a high-quality carpet, it will increase its value all the time. Of course, you can have a look at our specialist workshop and have a look over our shoulder. So, you’ll soon realize that you are at an authorized service centre when you come to and that we provide you with an all-round service. Even if you are not close to Sydney, we are happy to examine the damage of your carpet. For that, please send us one or more photos where we can see the damage. We will carefully evaluate the damage and will soon send you an estimated cost without any obligation.

Free Pick Up

We will pick up your rug all over Sydney and send it back to you after successful reparation. This is a free service from us. We even take over the cost of international delivery. Please talk to us first. As your experienced partner, we love to help you and we will accomplish a fast and professional carpet reparation as cost-effectively as possible.

Saving you Time and Money with a Job done Right:

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We are the commercial and home carpet repairing service in Sydney. Choosing the right repairing company in Sydney to repair your expensive rug or carpet does not have to be a challenge. This will ensure that you will have your carpet cleaned and repaired, for a reasonable cost, by this company. If you do not have the time to do this on your own, you need to speak with the representatives of this company. For more information about this business, visit the website and you can also call us to get started with your carpet cleaning & repairing in Sydney today!

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