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Carpet Repair Sydney - If you are looking for an affordable carpet repair company in Sydney then you have arrived at the perfect place. We are one of the leading carpet repair Sydney company. serving in Sydney for over 9 years. An important and most usual part of home décor is your carpet. It enhances the looks of your home and along with that provides a comfortable as well as safer space for you and your loved ones. But having carpets is not a walk in the park as there are lots of things in your home that can damage and make your carpets lose their beauty and form. So you have to be extra careful when you have kids and pets in your home.

In short, no matter how careful you are, you always end up with some damage to your carpets. Sometimes you may take care of these things on your own and repair your carpets easily but in some cases, things might get out of hand, and in those situations, you have to call professionals like Carpet Repair Sydney.


Carpet Tightening Sydney

Sometimes bubbles & wrinkles are developed on the carpet which makes the carpet look ugly. To get rid of these problems carpet tightening service is the only solution. Major Carpet Cleaners is the leading company to provide carpet tightening service in Sydney. We own the right equipment and a team of experts who can take control of your problems.

Affordable Carpet Repair Sydney services

We know that you take time to get the carpets, that match not just your house interior but also your taste in fashion and also have an emotional attachment with it. That’s why at Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney we do hard work day and night just to satisfy our customers and make them happy. 

Promising & Professional Carpet Repair Sydney:

There’s a range of carpet repair services that Major Carpet Cleaners offer you. All these services are briefly mentioned here:



Carpet Stretching Sydney

Over time, bumps and wrinkles begin to appear on the carpet which can lead to accidents and make someone injured. Our Carpet Stretching Services in Sydney can remove bumps & wrinkles on your carpet efficiently at very genuine rates. 


Carpet Hole Repair Sydney

Pets are the main reason for holes in your carpets that’s why Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney provides you with Carpet hole repair Sydney services. Our team of workers properly examine the damage and accordingly use the suitable piece of fabrics and equipment to fill the hole in your carpet.


Carpet Patch Repair Sydney

Sometimes a big patch of carpet is damaged due to any reason and it has to be replaced with a new patch. Our workers first remove that patch and measure the area of the patch. After that put an industrial quality glue on the floor and apply the patch in its place and trim the excess threads so that it does not look odd.


Fixing Carpet Joins and Splits 

Sometimes the primary and secondary backing of the carpet gets separated, making their seam weaker. To deal with this problem our carpet repair Sydney workers use latex or thermal glue, which repairs your carpet in no time. A T-nozzle instrument is used to repair the seems and splits in your carpets.


Carpet Burn Repair Sydney

If the burn patches are not so big then only burnt patches will be removed and repaired but in case if the carpet is severely burnt then a rectangular patch of carpet would be removed using razor-sharp tools and replaced with a fresh piece of carpet patch using a strong contact adhesive.


Carpet Pet Damage Repair Sydney

Pets very often damage the edges of rooms in an attempt to escape the room. They usually damage the corners of the carpets and to repair that you should get professionals like Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney as we have the right equipment and know the techniques to repair your carpet.


Carpet Stairs Repair Sydney

Repairing carpets on stairs can be challenging as the carpets on stairs are well placed and it's not so easy to remove them. Along with that, there are many edges on stairs which make work more challenging. Here at Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney, we have all the necessary tools and equipment to repair your carpet without damaging your staircase.


Carpet Sprouting Fixing Service

Sprouting is a major problem in hand-woven carpets or antique carpets. These carpets are very expensive and sprouts immensely affect their appearance. To deal with the sprouting of carpet fibres, Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney workers are properly trained so that they can deal with this problem and provide a permanent solution to this problem.


Stair Carpet Repair

Sometimes loose stair carpet can be easily repaired by just refitting the carpet back to its ideal position. However, sometimes the situation is slightly difficult because In some cases we need to lift the whole carpet & refit it completely so that it will be safe for everybody at home. 

The particular portion that has become damaged can also be repaired instead of replacing the whole carpet on the flight of stairs all we need similar spare part of that carpet which is fixed on that particular portion while replacing.

Best Carpet Repair Sydney


Furniture Indentations in Carpet

While you put heavy furniture on your carpet it makes unignorable dents on your carpet. One of the easiest methods to remove these dents is the Steam cleaning method. This process softens the carpet fibres & helps them to bring them back to their original position. 

Another method is to remove dents is by the DIY Iron method. First, you need to place a damp towel over the affected area & then simply apply iron on it for at least 1 minute. Again, if the dents were severe then you have to & rinse repeat the process. 

Step by Step Procedure of Carpet Repairs Sydney

Carpet repair is a process that involves several steps that have to be performed systematically. These steps are:

  • Cut out the area of carpet that has to be repaired
  • Get the matching piece of carpet
  • Trace out the carpet patch on a new piece of carpet
  • Trim the fresh piece to fit the patch
  • Fix the patch using a fixing adhesive or seeming strip
  • Apply weight on the patch to fix it properly
  • Trim the extra pieces of fibres


Carpet Repair Vs Replacement

Your carpets are a part of your investment as you invest your money and time in choosing them for your home and replacing them is a waste of time as well as money. So rather than ignoring the wear and tear happening to your carpet, you should take some time to get it repaired by professionals like Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney and extend the life of your carpet.


Same Day Carpet Repair Services in Sydney

Sometimes there is a need for the carpet to be repaired urgently or on the same day and most of the companies promise to offer same day service and they won't be able to make it happen. We don't just clean or repair your carpet but adds new life, brightness & wellness to your carpet. We are dedicated to offering the same day carpet restoration service across Sydney & we are also 24//7 available at your service. 

Cost of Carpet Repair Sydney Services:-

It depends upon the size of the area of carpet that needs to be repaired.  For this reason, the cost of carpet repair varies depending upon the size of the carpet & the damaged area of the carpet. The average cost of carpet repair in Sydney is $150 to $300. The cost of carpet repair be affected due to labour charges, material costs and any permits or licenses required.  

National Average Cost $200
Average Range $150-$300
Minimum Cost $100
Maximum Cost $1,000


Benefits of our carpet repair Sydney Services:-

  1. Restoration of Beauty & Elegance of Damaged Carpet: It’s obvious that any small damage or patch can affect the overall appearance of the carpet. Avoiding these damages for long will make your carpets look ugly and dull. Therefore, we always advise hiring professional carpet repair services to restore the original appearance of your carpet again.


  1. Cost-effective:- No one would like to spend thousands of dollars to buy a new carpet just for the sake of simple damage on the carpet. Professional carpet technicians can restore any damage on your carpet by the service called carpet patching. It is way much affordable than installing a new carpet.


  1. Increases the life of carpet: As mentioned above, avoiding by kind of damage can reduce the life of the carpet and by hiring a professional carpet repair service, you can extend the life of the carpet and keeps it in good condition as well. Any damage restored or removed on time will extend the life of the carpet to almost 1/3rd time.


  1. Carpet Repair service keeps the carpet clean, Hygienic & odour-free: If your carpet gets torn then the chances of dirt and debris getting trapped in it will be more. What you need to do is clean your carpet at regular intervals either yourself or with professional help.


Reasons to choose our Carpet Repair services in Sydney:

Carpet repair is not a DIY task, the process involves so many steps which cannot be executed without appropriate equipment. A lot of people spend so much money on their carpets. You must investigate the prospect of carpet repair services to keep your carpet in top condition as long as possible. This is something you can achieve when you have Cost Guides assisting you with repair services in Sydney.


Types of Carpet Repair Sydney Services

If you live anywhere in or near Sydney and need a carpet repair professional to repair your carpets then without giving a second thought just call Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney's we provide our services to everyone no matter if it's for residential or commercial purposes. As soon as you contact us our carpet repair Sydney professionals will fix an appointment with you and be there on the date of the appointment.


1. Residential Carpet Repair Services in Sydney

Everyone wants their home to be tip-top and carpets contribute a lot towards making your house look even better. So if you want to get your carpets repaired then call us and get in contact with our professionals. We will fix a date and time at your convenience and fix your problem in the least time possible.


2. Commercial Carpet Repair Sydney Services

A workplace is just like a busy highway as people keep on moving here and there doing their work and that’s why your carpets get damaged very often. We provide our carpet repair services for your workplace within the shortest time possible and with perfection so that it makes your workplace look tidy and professional at the same time

Commercial carpet Repair Sydney

3. Emergency Carpet Repair Service in Sydney

Life is just like a game of cards, you never know which card you get in the next round. A lot of things happen spontaneously, for which we don’t have enough time to get ready. But in the case of your carpet repair, you can trust Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney as we provide you with emergency repair services at a very nominal rate. You can fix an appointment for the earliest date possible and we will do the work in no time for you. You can also order a same day repair service if you are in a hurry.


Eco-Friendly Carpet Repair Services in Sydney

We are one of the most trusted, reliable & professional carpet repair companies in Sydney you can rely on. Do you have patches, holes, burnt carpet, Pet damages in your carpet? Wondering which is the best suitable carpet repair company to fix such carpet issues? Well, you have come to the right place.

Well, now don't need to cover all the damaged parts of your carpet with a rug, table or any other household items, because our team of carpet repair experts have vast experience in handling such carpet damages like burnt carpet, pet damages, carpet hole, carpet path & many more. We are a reputed carpet repair professionals in Sydney Speacialised in dealing with carpet issues.

We have been in the carpet cleaning industry since 2011 & helped thousands of our customers in Australia to bring new life to their carpets. It doesn't matter what type of carpet you have in your office & home. Our advanced carpet repair services will surely help you in repairing your carpet Whether it is - Nylon, Wool, Silk, Cotton, Linen. We are 24/7 available to your service.


Competitive Carpet Repair Pricing in Sydney

  • We always make sure that our booking process is easy & comfortable for our clients. We never engage our clients in bait or hidden costs.
  • We believe in providing the best services at competitive rates, Unfortunately, most of the carpet repair companies in Australia Charge incredibly high to their clients but use lower quality equipment & products & don't have certified professionals as well.


Certified Carpet Repair Professionals

We are the company which employs only certified & experienced carpet repair professionals in our company. Whether it is handmade, antique carpet, we have a team that can handle any kind of carpet repair problem. At Major Carpet Cleaners, all our carpet repair experts are licensed, insured & certified. They first calmly listen & understand your carpet issues & then start working on them. They have vast experience & knowledge of products, methods & techniques used in carpet repairs & they work extremely hard to meet your expectations. 


Risk-Free Guarantee

Our experts are equipped with hi-tech carpet repair equipment so you don't need to worry about your carpet once our team arrived at your place to repair your carpet.


FAQs on Carpet Repair Services in Sydney

1. Is it normal to have sprouted on my carpet and how to treat them?

Answer:   Yes sprouting is a very common phenomenon in the case of hand-woven carpets. These sprouts occur due to the loose fibre ends in your carpet. You can easily handle the problem of sprouting on the carpet. You just need sharp scissors to cut the sprouts and remember not to pull the threads as it will damage your carpet.

2. Can patching make my carpet retain its look?

Answer: Both yes and no, in case, if we use a fresh piece of carpet for patching purpose then you will notice a slight change in colour because even though the material of patchwork is the same but overtime the carpet loses its shine and due to that new patch might look a bit different. But if a piece from the closest carpet is used for patchwork then the patch won’t look different at all.

3. My carpet has wrinkles so what should I do?

Answer: For taking care of wrinkles problem on your carpet you can either get a knee kicker from the store, then detach the carpet from the floor, do the re-stretching with knee kicker, reattach the carpet to the floor and the wrinkles will be gone or you can simply prepare some tea for yourself and call us so that we can do all that work while you have a cup of tea.

4. Can steam cleaning remove burn marks from my carpet?

Answer: No, steam cleaning will not do any good to the burnt area on your carpet because when the carpet burns at someplace, it loses the fibres along with some part of a secondary layer of carpet, leaving behind a dark spot. The only way to repair it is by cutting out the burnt area and replacing it with a new patch of carpet.


5. How to Fix Carpet on Stairs Destroyed by Cats?

Answer: There are several ways to fix carpet damaged by cats depending upon the type of carpet, In the case of Fur carpet, most of the time you will scratch on the surface & you can easily trim the scratched fibres with scissor & comb the fibres so that it matches the pattern & look similar to the whole carpet. To know more read this blog.


6. Does Gorilla Glue work on carpet?

Answer: Yes, Gorilla Glue works on carpet. It is an all-purpose adhesive that is known to create strong bonds on almost every object. You can use it to repair carpet patches.


7. Is it worth re-stretching the carpet?

Answer: Yes, Carpet Stretching is worth it, because it increases the life span of your carpet & reduces the chances of falling and slipping as well.


8. How to repair carpet fuzzing?

Answer: It is a situation when loose carpet fibres come out of carpet edges, the only way to solve this is carefully cut those fibres that are fuzzing out. 


9. How to repair Shady & Flatten Carpet?

Answer: Sometimes heave foot traffic on carpet makes your carpet looks shady & flattened in such cases carpet repair job is brushing & vacuuming the carpet. Crushing & matting might also be required in severely affected areas. If these methods didn't work then hire professionals for the Job, So don't hesitate to give us a call if you are also in such a situation. 


10. How to get rid of carpet beetles?

Answer: Carpet beetles are pests whose diet is usually fabric or animal products in home. The best way possible to get out of such situation is strong vacuum suction. Try to keep your clean & avoid spilling any kind of food items. Frequently clean dark & undisturbed areas of your home as carpet beetles prosper at such places. If these tips didn't work then you can hire our professionals for the treatment.