Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Carpets can get very messy and start smelling if they are not cleaned from time to time. Carpet can sometimes even get damaged if they are not cleaned properly or if harsh chemicals are used to clean them. So to keep your carpets neat and clean you need to take good care of them. If you search on the internet then you will find that there are a lot of ways by which you can clean your carpets but among all those methods, most of those require heavy machinery, which is quite expensive, to get the best results. So you are left with only two options, either use the traditional ways of cleaning your carpet or hire professional carpet cleaners like Major Carpet Cleaners, who have expert knowledge, skills, and machinery to do the cleaning work more effectively. If you will do an overall analysis then you will find that hiring a professional will make your carpet look better as well as save you a lot of time, so always consider calling professional carpet cleaners in Sydney.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

Benefits of our Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Out of many ways of carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning is the best method. Many types of research have been done on why steam cleaning is superior to other carpet cleaning methods and the same has been proven by the results that are derived from steam cleaning. Steam-cleaned carpet tends to remain germ-free as well as gets restored if done correctly. The biggest plus point of carpet steam cleaning in Sydney is that it has no side effects on your carpet, on contrary, it extends the expected life of your carpet. Another benefit of carpet steam cleaning is that it utilizes a very less amount of water due to which your carpet takes lesser time to dry after cleaning and can be used again after a few days only. 

So no matter what kind of carpet you have or which area you are living in, you must always prefer steam cleaning above any other type of carpet cleaning. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are many other benefits and some of those have been mentioned below:

  • Eco-friendly Cleaning:

You will find that many carpet cleaning products claim to be eco-friendly but in reality, they are just chemicals. But in the case of steam cleaning, the main ingredient of cleaning is not any artificial chemical but the water itself. Only a minor amount of cleaning agent is added to the water while steam cleaning a carpet. That’s why when you get your carpet steam cleaned, you will not find any sort of chemical smells coming out of the carpet after the cleaning is completed.

  • Get Rid of Dirt Mites:

Whenever your pets go out in a park or even in the garden, several foreign organisms get on them and when your pet returns home, those foreign organisms enter your home along with them. Dirt mites are one of these organisms and can be very difficult to get rid of, once they enter your home. They are so tiny that you can’t kill them without using any harsh chemicals. But when you get your carpet steam cleaned, the steam will go deep inside the carpet and kill these mites as they cant withstand high temperatures. 

  • Remove old Stain Effortlessly:

Old stains on your carpet may be very difficult to remove. No matter if it’s a wine stain or a nail paint stain, you would always have to deal with them with a different approach. But it is not the case with steam cleaning as it loosens up the fabric and makes it easy to remove any kind of stains easily. Stains get lifted and separated from the carpet and afterwards can be easily removed using a brush or scrub. The steam enters deep inside the carpet fibres and breaks the chemical bond that makes it difficult to remove the stain in the first place.

  • Remove Unfriendly odour:

An unclean carpet will emit unpleasant smells that can make your indoors stinky. You might be cleaning the house frequently but if you leave the carpet unclean then you will notice that it will start to give away a musty smell that may be due to the accumulation of different organic matters been in the carpet like sweat, dead skin, urine, food shreds, etc. When the carpet is steam cleaned, it removes all these organic compounds from your carpet, and eventually, the bad smell is gone


What do our Experts do for Carpet Steam Cleaning? 

At Major Carpet Cleaners, our workers follow a predetermined and systematic approach for steam cleaning your carpets. They have a roadmap in which every step is properly defined and they work according to that and that’s the key difference between self-cleaning and deep cleaning services of Major Carpet Cleaners. Here is the process of professional carpet cleaning stated:

  • Pre Vacuum:

Before doing anything, the carpet is vacuumed with the help of our industrial-grade vacuum that extracts all the heavy dust particles from your carpet. If the heavy dust particles are not vacuumed then it may cause difficulty and inconvenience while steam cleaning and by doing this the overall time of cleaning is also decreased to some extent.

  • Steam Cleaning:

Once the heavy dust has been removed, then the main show starts. Steam cleaner is filled with water and a cleaning solution, that helps in removing any stains as well as killing the germs that are not killed by steam. A burst of steam penetrates deep inside your carpet and slowly it cleans your carpet from the indie out.

  • Carpet Stain Removal:

Now that the steam cleaner’s job is done, next comes stain removal. Steam makes the carpet fibres lose and when that happens, stain particles lose their grip on the fibres. With a brush or a scrub, the stained area is rubbed gently and then the stains are gone in no time.

  • Carpet Drying:

After all the cleaning work is completed, the last thing that remains undone is drying it, and it is done with the help of a high-power water suction vacuum. The vacuum drains out excess water from the carpet and then it’s left to dry out on its own. After a day the carpet is all dried up and ready to use again.

Reasons Why choose our Expert team for Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney 

In Australia, there are several carpet cleaners but only a few of them are professional cleaners, with a proper license and years of experience in this market. One of the most renowned carpet care professionals is Major Carpet Cleaners. We have been in this business for a long time, long enough to know what our customers expect from us and how to satisfy them. So, if you are looking for professional carpet cleaning services as well as affordable cleaning services, then Major Carpet Cleaners is your best choice. Right away call us and our customer support team will get in touch with you and fix you up in no time. Here are some other reasons that will justify why you must consider Major Carpet Cleaners when you are in a need of carpet cleaners:

  • Use the Best Cleaning Equipment:

Just like to be a good chef you require the best knives to cut the meat and veggies, similarly to be the best at carpet cleaning you require the best cleaning equipment of carpet cleaning available on the market. Major Carpet Cleaners always have access to the latest and the best carpet cleaning equipment to keep our quality of work up to our customer’s expectations. 

  • 100% Guaranteed Result:

No matter what happens, what we promise we always deliver. Whatever may be the circumstances or how tough the job may be, we always end up making our customers happy by providing them with the best results. Major Carpet Cleaners is the only cleaning company that you can believe in when it comes to carpet cleaning.

  • Save Time:

If you have a lot of spare time then you can do the carpet cleaning on your own and let the work keep dragging for days. But if you are looking for completing the work in the least time possible then Major Carpet Cleaners should be the one doing your carpet steam cleaning as we do the work in a systematic manner and without any mistakes that make the work even faster.

  • Indoor Air Quality:

The carpet cleaning services that Major Carpet Cleaners provide you will not only just improve the looks of your carpet but also make sure that the indoor air quality of your home is restored. Mostly when people clean the carpet on their own, they only clean it from the surface but professional carpet cleaners do the deep cleaning and make sure all the germs are killed.

  • Save your Money:

When you look at the overall cost of carpet cleaning then you will realize that calling professionals is way cheaper than doing the carpet cleaning on your own. All the machinery that you might require to hire for cleaning the carpet are already available with professional cleaners and they also know other things about the cleaning that can only be known after years of experience and all these things contribute towards saving the money spent on cleaning.


FAQ about Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

  • Does the Carpet Steam Cleaning Damage the Carpet?

No, steam cleaning your carpet will not damage the carpet instead it will strengthen the fibre of your carpet. The steam deeply cleans your carpet, removing all the dust and dirt from the carpet that can damage the carpet in long run. 

  • Is the Carpet Steam Cleaning help to Remove Mold?

Yes, carpet steam cleaning will take care of the mould. Mould is an organic compound that is just like any living organism. But its biggest enemy is heated and when hot steam comes into contact with the mould, it kills the mould straight away and it becomes easy to clean away the mould by brushing it off. If the mould is simply brushed off, then it may grow back if even a small part of the mould is not removed, it can regrow. But, once the mould is filled with hot steam, it won’t be able to regrow. 

  • Can I use Vacuum after Carpet Steam Cleaning?

After the carpet has been steam cleaned, you can start vacuuming it without any problem. There’s no problem in vacuuming the carpet after steam cleaning is completed but in case your vacuum cleaner is not meant for cleaning liquids or is not resistant to water than in that case you should avoid vacuuming for at least two days, as there can be some amount of water still there deep inside the carpet.