Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney

Mattresses can become very dirty if not cleaned regularly. When you look at your mattress, you might not even be able to know whether it is dirty or not. Many people think a spotless mattress is a clean mattress but it’s quite wrong to assume that only a stained or shabby-looking mattress can be dirty. That’s why always call professionals like Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney, who will properly inspect and tell you if the mattresses are dirty or not. Sometimes the mattresses may look all nice and clean on the surface but deep down they may keep collecting dust and dirt, which may cause many allergies and diseases too. So always contact Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney for mattress dry cleaning in Sydney.

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Importance of Mattress Dry Cleaning

It is very important to keep your mattresses clean as they aren’t so cheap. That’s why you must either learn how to dry clean your mattress on your own or call Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney for getting your mattresses professionally cleaned. A clean mattress is key to your healthy lifestyle as you would spend more time in your bed as compared to any other place in your home. If you sleep in a dirty place then you might get sick very often. Apart from this, here are some other benefits of mattress dry cleaning:

Kill Dust Mites:

Dust mites can be found in a large number of mattresses that have not been cleaned for months. These mites feed on your blood and that’s why they need to be taken care of by the way of dry cleaning of mattresses.

Remove Bad Odour:

A dirty mattress may start smelling bad but the people living in your home will not notice that until the smell becomes really bad. That’s why before your mattress starts stinking so bad, you must dry clean it and make sure it looks as well as smells good too.

Allergies Relief Treatment:

If you are suffering from some skin allergies then a possible reason for that may be an unclean and dirty mattress as it becomes a breeding area for many microbes that can infect you in different ways. To keep yourself and your family allergy free dry clean your mattress or call Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney for professional help.

Remove Stains:

By dry cleaning, the mattress, all the stains, and spots are removed easily. In some cases, further treatment may be required but mostly the stains can be easily removed or at least lighten so much, that they become unnoticeable. So always get your mattress cleaned so that its grace and beauty can be restored.

Mattress Dry Cleaning Price

If you want to hire professional cleaners for mattress dry cleaning then you must have some knowledge about how much they might charge you so that you can have some bargaining power. In most cases the price of mattress cleaning may vary due to multiple variables like what’s the size of the mattress, what fabric is it made of, what type of mattress cleaning services are you looking for, are you in a need of same-day cleaning, etc. All these factors can contribute to the overall mattress cleaning cost.
When it comes to mattress dry cleaning services, it may cost you the least of most of the cleaning services. In dry cleaning, you will find different prices based on the size of the mattress the range will be $55-$105 and it may vary if any additional services, but this price band can be used as a base price.

Mattress Dry Cleaning Process

For doing a task perfectly, you must know the proper way of doing it. Similarly, if you want to dry clean your mattresses on your own then you must know the step-by-step process. To help you, Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney is mentioning here a complete list of steps that are required to be taken for getting the best results in mattress dry cleaning. If you follow this procedure then we can guarantee you that your mattress will be all cleaned up in no time:

Clean the Mattress:

First, you need to remove the mattress covers and then use a duster or a small broom to clean the surface and edges of your mattress. By doing so you will remove any of the dust particles that might be there over the surface of your mattress.

Vacuum the Mattress:

Now pick up your vacuum cleaner and start using it all over your mattress. Sometimes the dust particles are loosely stuck in between the mattress fibres, which can not be cleaned with a duster but can be easily removed with help of a vacuum cleaner.

Clean Stains:

Now you need to spot all the stains on your mattress and clean them with the help of a wet cloth. Dip a cotton cloth in soapy water and then with a light hand scrub the dirty spots to remove the stains. After that remove the excess moisture from the mattress with a clean cloth. Repeat this 2-3 times and stains will be gone.

Sprinkle Baking Soda:

If your mattress is giving away an unpleasant odour then use some baking soda to deal with it. Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress and let it sit there for half an hour. No matter what sort of smell is coming out of your mattress, baking soda will take care of them.

Use Vacuum Again:

In the previous step, you were advised to sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and now you need to remove it with the help of a vacuum cleaner. You can do it with a duster or a broom but a vacuum cleaner will make sure every particle of baking soda as well as any dust residues are lifted off.

Flip the Mattress:

After the cleaning is complete, you should avoid using that side of the mattress and so, you must flip the mattress. If you don’t flip the mattress then you might notice that your mattress has developed depression. So don’t forget to flip the mattress after you are done cleaning.

Protect the Mattress:

At last, to ensure that your mattress stays clean for a long, cover the mattress with a plastic sheet or a protective cover. After that lay down bed sheets on top of your mattress. This way your mattress will have dual protection and it won’t get dirty easily again.


Why Choose our Mattress Dry Cleaning Service?

By now you have known the whole process of dry cleaning your mattress and how much time it will consume. You can easily skip the whole cleaning of the mattress and save your precious time by calling Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney. Our workers are the best in this mattress cleaning business and they will help you make your mattresses stainless and dust-free in no time. Here are some other reasons mentioned here, that will justify why you should call Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney:

  1. Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney’s team of professional mattress cleaners has many years of experience in the field of mattress cleaning.
  2. Our mattress cleaning costs are the least due to our expertise and economies of scale.
  3. We also provide same-day mattress cleaning services at a very nominal price.
  4. No matter how tough and stubborn stains you have on your mattress, Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney professionals will make them disappear in no time.
  5. We provide the fastest mattress dry cleaning services in Sydney.
  6. We not only deep clean your mattress but also sanitize them, due to the ongoing situation and virus protection.

So if you are in a need of professional mattress cleaners in Sydney and only want professional cleaning services then get in touch with Mattress Dry Cleaning Sydney right now. Pick up your phone and fix your appointment quickly and get your mattresses deeply cleaned in no time.

FAQ about Mattress Steam Cleaning

How to get rid of the odour by mattress dry cleaning?

To get the best results you should sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda all over the mattress and on the corners of your mattress apply a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Let it stay there for half an hour and after that pick up your vacuum cleaner and remove all the baking soda. You’ll be left with a pleasant-smelling mattress.

How does mattress steam cleaning remove stains?

Steam is the best natural cleaner for any cloth or fabric-based item. The hot vapours of water penetrate deep inside your mattress and break the tough stain bonds easily. The high temperature will also kill the microorganisms present in those stain areas. After that, you can easily scrub off the area and the stains will be so easy to remove.

How does baking soda use for mattress dry cleaning?

It is quite simple to use baking soda for mattress cleaning. All you have to do is after cleaning your mattress just spread a thin layer of baking soda all over the mattress or at least in those areas where you have stains and spots. Let it stay there for some time say 30-40 minutes and then remove all the baking soda with your vacuum cleaner.