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You might not even notice this, but you spend around one-third of your life in your bed. And for obvious reasons, when you are spending so much of your time on your mattresses then it’s very difficult to keep them clean at all times. There are a lot of ways in which your mattress may get dirty, maybe due to your sweat, wine spill, urine, vomit, dead skin, etc. One way or the other, your mattress keeps on getting dirty, and to keep it clean you must either clean it once or twice a month on your own or take some help from professionals and get your mattress steam cleaning session at any time during a month. 

Importance of Regular Mattress Steam Cleaning 

Mattress Steam Cleaning Services

Among all the different methods of mattress cleaning, mattress steam cleaning is the best way of cleaning. Many times people ask us why Mattress Steam Cleaning Sydney recommends steam cleaning for their mattress cleaning and in response to that our reaction is that because it is simpler, effective, and least time-consuming of all the mattress cleaning methods out there. Other important things that support our claim are mentioned here:

  • Clean & Hygienic Mattress:

Steam cleaning is the most hygienic method of mattress cleaning as the steam penetrates deep inside the fabric of your mattress and gets all the dirt out of the mattress very easily. Along with that, steam is easily extracted after the cleaning is done and the mattress becomes usable in not more than a day.

  • Remove Bad odour:

Sometimes your mattress may start stinking or giving out a bad odour. It’s usually due to the sweat that gets accumulated inside the fibres of the mattress. When the mattress is exposed to steam, the vapours of water go deep inside the mattress and break all the bonds of organic matters formed by sweat, resulting in the removal of bad odour.

  • Get Rid of Allergies and breathing issues:

If you need to visit your doctor frequently due to your allergies or breathing problem, then a simple and easy solution to your problem is professional steam cleaning in Sydney. You will be amazed to know that numerous allergic agents are present inside an unclean mattress that can keep you from getting well, that’s why getting your mattress steam cleaned can help you in fixing your allergies and breathing problems.

  • Remove Stains:

Another less known fact about professional mattress steam cleaning is that it helps in removing the stains that are present on your mattress. The mattress keeps on getting stained due to one reason or another and removing these stains can be tough on your own. But when the mattress has been steam cleaned then it becomes easier to clean even the toughest stains.

  • Kill Dust mites:

If you have pets at your home then the chances of having dust mites in your mattress multiply manifold. These dust mites can be harmful to your health and can cause allergies. The steam cleaning can easily help you in getting rid of these dust mites as they are unable to bear high temperatures and getting in touch with steam kills them instantly.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Cost 

Here at Mattress Steam Cleaning Sydney, our professionals properly look at the mattress and then according to the size charge the price. Professional steam cleaning services may vary from $85 to $140, depending on the size of the mattress. Our standard charges are single mattress $85, double mattress $109, queen-size $115, and king-size $140. The prices mentioned above are the general prices and the overall prices may vary due to some other factors like the type of mattress or number of mattresses or the urgency of service that you require. The price offered by Mattress Steam Cleaning Sydney is the best in town and you get the best value deal for the price you are paying. The prices that we have quoted may look like a lot to some people, but when you compare them with the cost of equipment and resources required for mattress cleaning then you will realize the prices that we are offering are genuine and you won’t find a deal this fare in the whole market in Sydney.

How to Take Care of your Mattress in Daily Routine with our expert’s advice 

It’s not always convenient to call professional cleaners to get your mattresses cleaned. Sometimes you need to clean your mattresses on your own. To make sure that you keep your mattresses neat and clean all the time, Mattress Cleaning Sydney is suggesting some of the daily routines that you can follow to keep your mattress clean and save it from being degraded too early. Cleaning your mattresses is not a tough job, but only if you know exactly what requires to be done. Here are some of the things that you can do on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your bedroom clean:

  • Use Mattress Cover:

It’s good to cover your mattress in a cover. The cover will protect your mattress in many ways, like in case of a spillage the liquid may not reach the mattress and the mattress will not get stained. Also, it is easier to remove the mattress cover and wash it rather than vacuum the whole mattress.

  • Wash the Linens Regularly:

Unlike the mattress cover, linens serve a different purpose. Linen makes your bed look even more beautiful and, at the same time, provides additional protection to the mattress. You must change and wash your bed linen at least once or twice a month to keep your bed clean all the time.

  • Rotate the Mattress:

When you sleep on the same side of the bed for a long time then it may end up impacting the mattress and cause depression on that side of the bed. So always rotate the mattress so that your weight is evenly distributed over the whole mattress and the depressions get normal and flatten out.

  • Vacuum the Mattress:

Most of the time the debris gets accumulated in the crevices and cracks of the bed. These dirt particles can be anything and when it stays in place for a long time they may start smelling bad or even stain your mattress. So the best way to deal with them is to use a vacuum cleaner and suck out all the dust and dirt from there.

  • Get Fresh Air and Direct Sunlight:

Just like nature is good for us, in the same way, it is good for your mattress too. You should remove the linen and bed covers and let the mattress get some fresh air once in a while. Also, open the window and let some sunlight get into the room. By doing so, you will get rid of the musty smell as well as the bacteria and microbes that might be living inside your mattress.

Why hire our Mattress Steam Cleaning? 

Mattress cleaning seems like a very easy task at first but once you start doing it, you realize the reality and consider how difficult it can be to clean your mattress if you don’t have the correct cleaning equipment. That’s why whenever it comes to mattress cleaning you must always avail of Steam cleaning services provided by Mattress Steam Cleaning Sydney. You might be wondering that out of the entire mattress cleaning service providers out there in Sydney, why should you consider calling Mattress Steam Cleaning Sydney for help. The answer to that question is in our service quality as none of our customers has ever been unsatisfied with the cleaning services that we provide. Another bonus point about Mattress Steam Cleaning Sydney is that our mattress steam cleaning services in Sydney are the most affordable, and the quality of services we provide will exceed your expectations.

So next time, whenever you are in a need of mattress cleaning or feel like your mattress smells awful then without thinking it over, pick up your phone and fix an appointment with Mattress Steam Cleaning Sydney professionals. For your convenience, we will try to provide you with mattress cleaning services as soon as possible and in the least time possible, without any delays. To experience a world-class cleaning experience, call us right now.

FAQ about Mattress Steam Cleaning

Is this to remove urine stains from the mattress with steam cleaning?

Yes, steam cleaning can certainly get rid of urine stains from your mattresses in no time. It will also help in getting rid of any bad odours that might be coming out of your mattress due to the stain. But if the urine stain is fresh then in that case it’s recommended to use other methods of mattress cleaning rather than steam cleaning.

How does mattress steam cleaning remove mould?
Mould is a living organism or a cluster of living organisms, to be specific. Mould cannot tolerate high temperatures and that’s why when you use mattress steam cleaner, then it can easily kill the mould and afterwards, you can remove the mould with the help of a brush or a scrub.

Is steam cleaning actually effective?

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods of cleaning. It is the only method that can be used in multiple places and to clean multiple things. All sorts of fabrics can be easily cleaned using a steam cleaner and the best part about steam cleaning is that it will not only get rid of all the stains but also kill the germs and bacteria present on the inside the surface of the mattress.