Oriental area and Rugs Cleaning service in Sydney

Major Carpet Cleaners provide Oriental area and Rugs Cleaning service in Sydney. Oriental rug care is of utmost importance not only for the life of your rug but also its appearance and even your health. Area rug fibres collect and attract dust, dirt, grime, etc. And if you’re a rug owner that pushes rug cleaning to a minimum once a year instead of every 6 months, it’s vital to know this is lingering in the air you breathe in. Fibres in your rug are already precious and the root of your rug, therefore, cleaning them with great care is the top priority.

Trusted Care for Your Treasure

Oriental rugs represent more than just simple floor coverings or wall hangings. They tell special stories about a specific time, place and people. When it comes time to clean your fine rug, let our expert team provide you with our high quality, professional Oriental rug cleaning service in Sydney.

At Major Carpet Cleaners, we give you a cleaning treatment that treats your fine Oriental rug with the care, attention and loves it both needs and deserves. We work with you from start to finish ensuring the best results and your complete satisfaction. 

We employ only trained experts to work with your rugs. They use a combination of traditional cleaning skills and modern machinery to give you a deep and long-lasting clean. 

Protect & Lengthen the Life of Your Rug

Our Oriental rug cleaning service effectively removes set-in stains, embedded soil and dust, and trap allergens and germs that threaten the quality of the rug and degrade its original beauty. 

Without proper and regular cleaning to remove these pollutants, your rug falls victim to premature ageing, fading, discolouration, tears, holes and fringing.

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Area Rug Cleaning

At Major Carpet Cleaners, Sydney our cleaning building is particularly designed to thoroughly clean the smallest to the biggest rugs, from 2ft by 3ft to 20ft by 30ft as well as in between. We are rated #1 with our clients in rug cleaning and fixing companies since 2000. Our solutions consist of a pre-wash, rinsing, cleaning, Spot and Stain Remover, deodorizer, sanitizer as well as fabric protector (dependent on exactly what washing strategy you pick). We will remove red wine, and coffee, tea, blood, soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, h2o and also fire problems and many additional spills and also difficulties. We thoroughly clean almost all rugs like Persian, Oriental, Moroccan, Dhurrie, Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, Flokati, Shag and also all other types. Fringe washing is included in every area of rug washing procedures.

Antique Rug Wash

We take pride and joy in our Oriental area and rugs Washing technique. In most cases, it will require between 5-7 days for an oriental Area rug to be thoroughly cleaned because the technique is amazingly gentle. We at the start look for indicators of any moth, beetle or even bed bug problems. If perhaps we come across any difficulties that our specialist did not write on your work order, we are going to contact you and then go over it together with you and also what precisely we should do to prevent this matter. We perform the first review, dust extraction, scrubbing, deodorize, sanitize, rinsing, fringe cleaning/bleaching (if any), drying and then concluding evaluation. The oriental Area rug will then be wrapped in paper or even plastic and delivered back.

Rug Steam Cleaning

We have the Steam Cleaning equipment to clean oriental and area rugs in Sydney. Cleaning can be done on-site or perhaps at our massive cleaning facility. We Steam Clean stitched braided, handmade, knotted, wool sisal, frieze, natural cotton, rag and many other types. Steam Cleaning mainly created for rugs which have a little level of marks and are taken care of no less than twice per year with specialized cleaning. You will get a lot better result if you allow us to pick-up, clean and then bring your rug. It may take almost 3-5 days (in most cases) until delivery. This service not suggested for Antique area rugs as well as rugs that suffered any water or even fire damage.

Deep Cleaning

Major Carpet Cleaners, Sydney as well know that every rug or carpet cleaning condition is exceptional. That’s the reason why we offer our Deep Cleaning expertise. This service is a deep down, thorough cleaning with non-toxic but effective cleaning liquids to get out 99% of stains, spots, as well as spills. Our cleaning experts work with our extremely powerful water extraction solution to remove ground-in dirt as well as continues to be that may or might not be visible. This cleaning requires more than regular cleaning. This cleaning advisable for quite high traffic spots with significant soil.

We offer free quotes, Free pick-up and delivery

Be sure to feel free to contact us through phone and e-mail, one of our qualified representatives could be more than happy to assist you. They will even plan a service or free estimation visit for you.

The reason why chooses us?

We are family owned and trustworthy for personnel honesty, wonderful customer service, inexpensive costs, high-quality washing and also repair solutions.

Get in touch with us right away and allow us to take care of you like family.

Proven Process for Best Results

Our proven cleaning process removes messes without causing damage to the foundation and beauty of the rug. We start with a complete inspection to identify the messes and then, at our off-site care centre, we clean dust, dry and groom the rug. 

From the inspection, our experts prescribe one of four cleaning methods according to the rugs make, type and need. We offer dry cleaning, hand washing, green cleaning and traditional shampoo cleaning treatments. 

Our oriental rug cleaning service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free pickup and delivery service. 

So, when you need a truly professional Oriental rug cleaning service, call the expert team at Major Carpet cleaners.

Oriental area and rugs cleaning in Sydney

Major Carpet cleaners clean your rugs with the state-of-the-art earth-friendly cleaning method

Major Carpet Cleaners are famous in Sydney for offering the environmentally friendly cleaning of carpets, rugs, as well as upholstery. If you consider your carpet requires a rinse for abolishing dirt and dust, stain, moulds, dander, microbes, etc., we are right here to assist you with the ideal and also safe and sound technology.

Why do we use earth-friendly cleaning methods?

Because working with organic and natural products is risk-free for you as well as the environment as well. Toxic chemicals in the marketplace cannot remove all the bacterias and dirt hidden in thick levels; relatively, they bring about more harm to the environment and your health. Consequently, we make full use of environmentally friendly cleaning methods to guard your investment for a much better living.

Making use of harmful chemicals would as well worsen the various health problems like a weak defence mechanism, inhaling and exhaling problem, dangerous allergic reactions and intense asthmatic episodes. Hence the reason why we would rather use environmentally friendly cleaning procedures.

With what instances is eco-friendly cleaning necessary?

Normal cleaning and also dusting off the house with a vacuum cleaner is only able to remove dust from the upper layers of area rugs, carpets, curtains or perhaps upholstery. Though with our skilled equipment, we take out the whole thing hidden in the deepest levels of the materials to make sure a 100% healthy environment.

Couple other situations where eco-friendly cleaning is required are listed below –

  1. To avoid mould increase:

Moist conditions are perfect for mildew growths. Thus, if that carpet in your drawing room or the upholstery of the bedroom couch is moist, moulds are sure to take birth. The benefit of our earth-friendly procedure is that we make use of less water for maximum cleaning to avoid additional development of the health menacing mould.

  1. When time is short:

We realize you are busy with your daily responsibilities. Our earth-friendly products can quickly clean and also dry your carpet, saving a lot of valuable time.

  1. To guarantee the toughness of carpets & rugs:

At Major Carpet Cleaners, we not merely free your house from moulds and also allergens but also assure the durability of the carpets and other stuff we thoroughly clean. As opposed to chemical cleaning, our cleaning treatment makes the fibres long-lasting.

Why would you choose Major Carpet Cleaners?

At Major Carpet Cleaners, we certainly have all the necessary equipment required for Rug cleaning with 100% environment-friendly products. The alternatives we work with are all analysed, verified, green-certified ultimately, incredibly efficient. At the same time, our extremely proficient specialists have the expertise of successfully serving many homes across Sydney. Hence, you may be confident to have the best quality service with us at reasonable costs. With our eco-friendly cleaning process, you can save greater than just those area rugs and carpets.

The most exciting part is you may also get our environment-friendly cleaning services at the best price ranges to utilize at home easily. In every way, Major Carpet cleaners, Sydney guarantees you live in an allergen-free safe environment.

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