Curtain Cleaning Western Sydney

Curtains and windows treatments are expensive, but they are often the most overlooked area of the home when people clean. Over time, even with regular vacuuming, curtains can become dirty. Our experts can clean your drapes and window treatments, breathing new life into them and making them look like new. Call us today to discuss our all Drape and Curtain Cleaning Services in Western Sydney.


Curtain Pick up, Rehang & Drop service in Western Sydney

We offer onsite & offsite Curtain cleaning service in Western Sydney. Call us at +61- 466333349 to extend the life of your curtain & blinds. We are 24/7 hours available at your service. 


Curtain Cleaning Services


Curtain Cleaning services we offer in Western Sydney

Blind Cleaning Service in Western Sydney

Avail of our Blind Cleaning services in (Suburb Name).  We follow a detailed procedure to clean blinds and make sure your it looks clean and hygienic. We own advanced cleaning equipment with certified blind cleaning professionals.  We use eco-friendly solutions to cleaning the blinds and their fittings. After everything is completed our professionals will recheck the fittings to make sure we haven't left anything undone. 


Same Day Curtain Cleaning Services in Western Sydney

If you are in search of a Curtain Cleaning company that can serve you on the same day of booking then you are at the right place. Our Curtain cleaning professionals are available 24/7 hours at your service. Our curtain cleaning professionals work with dedication and determination at the same time who are trained to provide exceptional service to their clients. No other company in Western Sydney can beat us in providing same day curtain cleaning service with utmost dedication. 


Curtain Repair Services in Western Sydney

If your curtain has stubborn stains then our carpet repair experts will make your carpet look new. We offer Curtain repair services all around Western Sydney and available at services 24/7.


Curtain Dry Cleaning Services in Western Sydney

When it comes to clean curtain with fast and not so common methods then curtain Dry Cleaning is the best solution for it. We offer the best Curtain Dry Cleaning services in Western Sydney at very competitive prices. 


Curtain Steam Cleaning services in Western Sydney

Curtains not just look classy and add grace to your residence but also absorbs heat, dust and pollutants that can cause several diseases. To keep them clean and hygienic we must clean the curtains frequently. Our Curtain Stream Cleaning service is one of the best methods to clean the curtains deeply and rejuvenate them. This method not just clean the curtains but also kills bacteria & removes dust as well. 


Drapery Cleaning Services in Western Sydney

If you are looking looking for Drapery Cleaning Services in Western Sydney, then We are the only choice for you. Our Drapery Cleaning experts give a brand new look to your Drapery. We ensure the complete removal of dust, bacteria and virus so that it won't be dangerous for your health. 


Drapery Cleaning Service by Professionals in Western Sydney

At Major Carpet Cleaners, we offer Drapery Cleaning and Blinds Cleaning Services. Our services will help you to change your window treatments for a fresh and sanitary clean state. In everyday life, we do not think much of the dust, pollen and other harmful elements that accumulate on our drapery, curtains and blinds. Every time we open windows all dust is released into a room where it falls on drapery and blinds. The bad thing about it is that these window treatments are arranged at the dangerous breath-air distance. That’s why, unlike carpets, we are in much closer contact with these elements.

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Our Drapery & Blinds Cleaning Methods

We use special drapery cleaning machines to clean and brighten your window treatments. Our cleaning methods allow us to achieve perfect results in the termination of all bacteria’s and other harmful existences accumulated on drapery and blinds. Moreover, we remove deeply embedded soil, stains and odours from your window treatments making them fresh and good looking.

Top Quality Drapery Cleaning Service in Western Sydney 

Our trained technicians will provide you with outstanding Washing curtains cleaning service like cleaning net curtains with vinegar, etc. That is why we also use our special steaming method to remove any possible bacteria’s and allergens from your drapery or blinds.

We Work with Different Fabric types of Drapes and Curtains

At Major carpet cleaners, we work with different types of materials used in curtains and drapes production. Silk, brocade, calico, canvas, damask, velvet, tapestry, lame and a lot of other materials, that will be professionally handled with all understanding of particularities of each type of material. We have the expertise to work with the most delicate materials like lace and other sheer curtain fabrics.

Fabric curtains cleaning

Blinds Cleaning in Western Sydney

Major Carpet Cleaners Blinds Cleaning Service in Western Sydney,  many people do not even think about the cleaning of their blinds. Even when they decide to clean, they just use wet wipes and brushes. It is right, but it does not solve the problem of allergens and harmful micro existences that pose danger to our respiratory system. We suggest using hot-water (steaming) method to make your blinds free of such dangerous factors. We offer special two-stage Steam clean of the curtains procedure that allows reaching outstanding results in terminating all possible elements accumulated on blinds. We work with all kinds of blinds from regular house to office blinds.

Blind Cleaning Services

Theatre and Stage Drapes

Most theatre and stage drapes and curtains cleaning require a fire-retardant liquid to be sprayed on them after the cleaning; it is a fire code requirement. Theatres must provide a current certificate of flame-retardant application, we do this. Unlike other cleaning companies, we do not charge extra for this service, it is included when doing the cleaning. Theatre and stage drapes and curtains act as a filter gripping flying dust, pollutants, chemicals, and allergens. Dirty theatre and stage drapes and curtains lead to reduced indoor air quality which can badly affect the health of anyone who may be allergic or sensitive to dust and dirt. Once your theatre and stage drapes and curtains have begun to “dry rot” they cannot be cleaned or repaired, so make sure you maintain them regularly. We do all on-site and off-site theatre and stage drapes and curtains cleaning unless they are too huge to remove and re-hang. Sometimes it’s less expensive and more practical to clean these theatre and stage drapes and curtains on site. We offer free estimates, free removal, free pick-up, free delivery and free rehanging of your theatre and stage drapes and curtains.

Our Cleaning Process

  • After the initial scheduling, we will then arrive, see what kind of cleaning will bring the best results, hand wash or ultrasonic cleaning.
  • If you agree with what was discussed we will pick up your theatre and stage drapes and curtains, clean them and then contact you when they are ready for delivery.

So next time you are looking for washing rubber backed curtain, repair or sales company contact us at +61431652005.

Carefully chosen drapes can complete the design of a room, add a missing accent or improve the overall style of a home by sifting the natural light and helping it cast controlled shading for extra convenience and comfort. Window shades or blinds are of similar importance for homeowners, hence the reason why they should be well maintained and cleaned periodically by pros who know what they are doing. Choosing a random Dust removal Curtain Cleaning Service not recommended, as some certain standards and procedures should be followed to get the job done right every time.

The Major Carpet Cleaners team specializes in Drapery, Curtain and Shade Cleaning. We have serviced thousands of satisfied residential and commercial customers and helped them get rid of nasty dust, smoke, oil, pollen and other similar contaminants found in the atmosphere and prone to stick to drapes and shades. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with us and let us bring back the life into your dirty, fading draperies and window shades.

We are expert to handle any type of drape and shade cleaning services, including:

  • Drape, shade and blind cleaning for home and office customers
  • Quick necessary repairs before the cleaning process
  • Free cleaning method testing for best results
  • Periodical maintenance services
  • Curtain cleaning services
  • And more

We know it may be difficult for you to know exactly what type of service you may need from us. Therefore, we promise to do all the work for you by assessing your exact needs and recommending the most efficient procedures. Provided you will not find our work fully satisfactory for some reason, we will come back and make sure to make the reason for your discontent vanish – just like the dirt, bacteria and stains on your curtains.

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Curtain, Drape and Shade Cleaning for Homes and Offices

Major Carpet Cleaners specializes in all types of fine fabrics and intricate pieces your curtains or drapes might be made of. We like to spend as much time as we can carefully assess the exact fabrics in your shades, figure out what would be the most reliable, efficient and successful cleaning method for them.

With the help of advanced equipment that has been specially designed to clean fine fabrics, we can rely on either wet or dry-cleaning methods. Steam cleaning for shades, drapes, curtains and upholstery continues to be one of our highest-rated services. We only work with the safest eco-friendly products and methods and all our cleaning technicians are certified. This means you will enjoy a high level of service and professionalism every time.

curtain and blind cleaning Western Sydney

Advanced Curtain Cleaning Services in Western Sydney

It is not just your shades and drapes that may require deep cleaning or periodical maintenance. Your curtains are also affected by the regular intake of dust, dirt, debris and accidental stains and spills. As experts in the field, we strongly recommend you have your curtains cleaned by a professional service at least every two years. Avoid using the wrong approach of solely cleaning your shades, drapes and curtains “whenever they look dirty”. Deeply embedded, microscopic dust and dirt particles will force you to breathe harmful bacteria and even traces of mould and mildew daily. Plus, if you have any smokers inside your house or your heating system is not the best, you may also need to handle more frequent cleaning. The natural oil found in the dirt and soil in the atmosphere will also contribute to further issues, causing the fabrics in your curtains to gradually lose their integrity and original beauty and shine.

Direct sunlight is another contributing factor you should be made aware of. Luckily, you can do as much as triple the lifespan of your curtains and drapes by hiring professional curtain cleaning services and pay a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Free Cleaning Method Testing

We will test around a few of our main cleaning methods using inconspicuous surfaces on your drapes, shades and curtains and make sure to choose the safest procedure. We only work with specialized equipment destined for drapery and curtain cleaning, instead of the less effective clothes cleaning gear some of our competitors are known to use. Let us test our dry and wet solutions and let you know which one we will use for ideal results. Most often, we will inject a special solvent into your drapes and curtains using high pressure and thoroughly extract the deeply embedded chemicals in them. It is a damage-free, shrinkage-free process that will leave your window treatments looking sparkling clean.

Drape and Shade Cleaning Prices

Major Carpet Cleaners charges some of the most affordable prices for drape and shade cleaning services in the industry. Get in touch with us and ask for a free quote and let us send over one of our trained technicians and let them provide you with cheap and high-quality services.

curtain cleaning Western Sydney

Key Benefits of our Specialist Curtain Cleaners in Western Sydney

1. We Can Save Your Time

Cleaning your rugs thoroughly is something that can take an incredible amount of time. This is particularly true if you don’t have access to commercial-grade equipment. Because we have the best equipment in the industry and superior expertise, we can deliver the best possible Commercial Curtain Cleaning Service in very limited time. 

2. Emergency Services and Experts Team

We offer Blinds Cleaning Service for all kinds of blinds cleaning and a team of our experts. They are available 24/7 for servicing you our doorsteps services. Night shift technicians will do their job for your convenience.

3. Highest Quality Restoration

When you hire on-site drapery cleaning service for your curtains in Australia, we will be able to bring your curtains back to life and have it looking brand new. We have all the safe products to preserve the quality of your blinds and we know exactly what can and can’t be used on different curtain materials. Therefore, you can count on us to bring out the best in the blinds in your home.

4. Avoiding the Hassle

Another reason to consider hiring a professional Dust removal Curtain Cleaning Service like us is to save on the hassle of having to rent equipment, cleaning it on your own, and returning the equipment. We make it as easy as possible to get your curtain thoroughly cleaned with little hassle involved. We know how tiresome and gruelling the work can be and we take pride in keeping our clients from having to do it on their own.

5. Eco-Friendly Restoration

We pride ourselves on not only offering royal curtain cleaning but also green cleaning services. This allows you to get your curtain restored without having to compromise and live with the overuse of potentially harmful chemicals to your family. We know how important it is to not only be friendly to the environment but also to avoid the use of harsh chemicals not only for the health of your curtain but your family’s health, as well.

6. We Have the Highest Standards

We know our clients have high standards. When you hire us, you can rest assured that our entire staff has even higher standards. We take pride in doing the job the right way the first time. Our entire staff is trained on being able to offer the highest quality Industrial Curtain Cleaning Services to every one of our clients. Our experience and expertise in the industry allow us to truly offer the best service with the highest standard that you will find anywhere.

Benefits of curtain cleaning Western Sydney

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 So, no need to sit and wait with a filthy curtain. We have a professional staff with ample expertise to provide you with the best same day curtain cleaning around. You can reach specialist curtain cleaners at +61431652005 Call today and let your favourite Drape and Shade Cleaner in Australia come to your rescue.

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