1. Collecting you information.

Speedy carpet cleaners collect you data or information only in the following forms:

All the data collected by either means will be stored in the hard copy under Australian laws and juridiction. Under any circumstances, we don't sell or disclose your credentials to any third party. 


2. Your right as customer.

You can call us to change your personal information stored in our data base. You can also ask us to remove your data from our remarketing campaigns, if you are not interested in our services. You may also opt for not receiving calls from our end for any future service.You may contact us on the following telephone number: 0431652005 or email address: info@speedycarpetcleaners.com.au 

3. Sharing of information.

We may share your information if authorised or required by law, in public interest( fraud, crimes scene involvement), with your consent.

4. complaints.

You can contact us in case of complaint on email or call. We will address your complaint within 2-3 business day. We believe in delivering quality work, if you are not satisfied with the work, you can request recleaninng or refund. You request will be processed accordingly.

For any other information, you can reach us by call or email.