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Upholstery and Couch Cleaning services in Wollongong

Upholstery Cleaning Services - If you are in search of professional upholstery & couch cleaning services in Wollongong then your search ends here. We as professional upholstery cleaners in Wollongong can easily remove all unsightly stains as well as odours from your upholstery. After cleaning your upholstery will be dried in a couple of hours. If you are having an extreme cleaning done it might take longer yet worth it. We do ask that you simply not take a seat on any of your own cleaned furniture for 24 hours regardless of the type of cleaning done. We offer same day & emergency upholstery cleaning Wollongong services to our clients. 

Types of Upholstery & Couch Cleaning services we offer in Wollongong

  • Couch Cleaning Wollongong 

It is a common practice in Wollongong of having a big & heavy upholstery or couch to make your residence look royal & luxurious but cleaning such a huge upholstery is such a tedious task to complete by yourself. To clean such upholstery one must have to hire professional upholstery cleaners to maintain the appearance of your upholstery. 


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Process of upholstery & Couch cleaning Wollongong

Equipment involved in the upholstery cleaning Wollongong

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Pre-spray
  • Chemicals for stain treatment, Mould removal.
  • Upholstery Cleaning Machine
  • Deodoriser

Step by step process of upholstery & Couch cleaning Wollongong

  • Vacuuming:

The vacuum is done to remove the bigger particles present on the top of the carpet.

  • Pre-spray:

Then, it's time to pre-spray the upholstery with the appropriate chemicals for your upholstery. The chemical has to be selected carefully as the wrong chemical can harm your upholstery. Always keep in mind that there is a lot of dirt, germs, and bacteria under the fabric that needs to be treated otherwise couch can be damaged. Not using the appropriate chemicals for the couch can lead to smell or mould formation. We pre-spray the chemical on the carpet and leave it for 15 minutes. 

  • Stain treatment:

If you have any stains on your upholstery, this is the right time to treat them. Here as well a choice of chemical is very important. Different chemicals for different stains such as coffee break for coffee or tea stains,  Grease release for food and greasy stains, Sensation for blood, urine eliminator for pet stains etc.

  • Encapsulation:

In this, the couch is scrubbed with a machine to remove the dark spot and heavy stains ( This process is chosen according to upholstery condition) by couch cleaning in Wollongong.

  • Hot water Extraction:

Steam cleaning the couch where we pressurise the steam inside your carpet to extract all the dirt, germs and bacteria from your couch. We use a special PH technique to perform this step making it more effective.

  • Deodorisation:

Then Deodorisation is done which will make your upholstery smell really good.

  • Post-inspection:

To make sure, the upholstery & Couch cleaning is done 100% accurately or is there anything left to clean. 


Types of Upholstery & Couch Cleaning services we offer in Wollongong

Leather Sofa Upholstery Cleaning

Leather couches are more prone to get affected by dirt & sharp objects. We'll first test the cleaning detergents on a small area & then apply the detergent by hand with a sponge & then wipe it with white cotton fabric. Leather protector is also applied to the upholstery at the end & it will be dried in 2-4 hours. After all this, Crack filler will also be applied to the upholstery & stains are treated as well with the stain removal solution.


Upholstery & Couch Steam Cleaning

We thoroughly clean all Household furniture in Wollongong that has been occupied with bed bugs. When you notice a bite or at least several bites on the lower part of your leg possibly you have bed bugs. Get in touch with an exterminator Immediately. The longer you wait, the worse it will grow, and it may get even worse if you do nothing about it. After the exterminator has done several standalone solutions you can now contact us, Major Carpet Cleaners. With upholstery cleaning Wollongong services we get inside to the basis of the Pieces of furniture, using warm water and tough cleaning liquids. Sadly, we cannot promise you will never have a bed bug problem ever again, but with this cleaning, you can be free of those pesky insects.


Upholstery & Couch Stain Removal Services in Wollongong

Pet Stain Cleaning is challenging for every professional, sometimes you don't know exactly where the spot is or maybe if there is more than a spot, that's exactly why we advise deep cleaning a whole room or even whole sofa, rugs rather than spot extraction. Stain extraction will only work on that stain; you never know where another light or even an unrecognisable stain might be.

We stopped doing spot removal a while back to avoid that difficulty. We are providing couch cleaning Wollongong services to satisfy you. Our consumers may rely on us to remove pet stains. Because all cleaning chemicals are non-toxic, everyone is safe, and you can lie down on the furniture without worrying about chemical compounds or pet stains.

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Upholstery & Couch Pet Odour Removal Services in Wollongong

Our Pet Odour Upholstery & Couch Deep Cleaning Solutions are scored #1 with our clients specifically in the pet adoption market. We travel all around in Wollongong getting rid of pet odours from couches, and so forth. In certain cases where the odour is hard to notice, Major Carpet Cleaners will perform our blacklight upholstery cleaning Wollongong service. This service will certainly locate exactly where the odour/stain is and then we can easily clean it immediately. Unluckily, the odour is tough to get out of solid wood flooring surfaces, and so we do not clean wood floors whatsoever. If you need Pet Odor Deep cleaning Solutions on your Rugs, Carpeting, Upholstery, Bedding, Linens, Home furniture, and Window Coverings call us.


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Commercial Furniture Cleaning Services in Wollongong

We provide you with Hotel furniture Cleaning. This service contains our Deep upholstery Cleaning Wollongong service. We also provide a maintenance program for any Hotel. We can carry out cleaning in the early morning at 6:00 am or late evening at 11:00 pm, weekends and also holiday seasons, everything at no additional price. We work at your accessibility. Your guests will not be interrupted, and also, we are going to do our very best to execute a quick but thorough deep cleaning. Our products are non-toxic and also smell free. All types of furniture, hallway carpeting, elevator carpets, coco mats, lobby, carpet tiles, and individual suites can be cleaned. As well as shades, drapes, mattresses, headboards and also bedding linens. We offer you free of charge on-site quotes which can be handed at the hotel office, faxed or even e-mailed.

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Special Daycare Center Upholstery Cleaning Wollongong

Daycare Center, where children spend most of their day on furniture, carpeting or maybe rugs that have not been washed or even maintained, could make microorganisms it must be cleaned at least once a year. Many of these harmful bacteria are food for active viruses. The furniture and carpets are the favourite places for moulds and allergens. An item of furniture or carpet that has not been thoroughly cleaned often makes microorganisms. If you have brand-new furniture, it should be cleaned at least once a year, and possibly twice a year if it is heavily discoloured. There will be no hazardous microorganisms in the cleaning warranties. We will pick up and bring your child's type furniture, carpet, or mat, and return it to you within a few days, free of unattractive stains, odours, and deadly microorganisms. We can keep it on hold for you until you're ready for it to be delivered. There are, of course, reduced fees for child care centres. Every cleaning fluids are Chemical and also Odor Free!


Cost of Upholstery Cleaning in Wollongong

The cost of cleaning upholstery may vary depending upon its fabric & how much dirt is your upholstery. Cleaning oversized and overstuffed upholstery can cost a little bit more than normal-sized upholstery.  The cost of cleaning a sofa and lounge can range from $20 to $40 on average. Apart from that, all of our methods and products have been thoroughly tested for maximum efficiency, ensuring that you receive the safest and most environmentally friendly items possible. of Sofa and Lounge cleaning can be between $20 to $40 approximately. 

Upholstery type Price
Leather Sofa (Per Seat) $ 35.00
Fabric Sofa (Per Seat) $ 25.00



What makes us trustworthy?

  • Our cleaning options are all 100% chemical-free, non-toxic as well as natural.
  • In reality, we make use of organic solutions that are green-certified.
  • We provide you with a specialized deep cleaning in Wollongong to throw out most of the irritants.
  • We have qualified specialists, aware of this state-of-the-art method to perform effectively.
  • From pet dander to moulds and mites, we are effective at eradicating everything that's hidden.
  • We certainly have all the required equipment and components to do our job.

 Apart from this, all our approaches and products were tested for maximum productivity ensuring you get the safest, Eco-friendly products.

100% free estimates, Free pick up as well as delivery of every product and service in Wollongong. Feel free to contact us through call or e-mail, one of our skilled representatives would be 24/7 available to assist you. They can even schedule a service or free of charge estimate appointment to suit your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions of Upholstery Cleaning

1. How much does my upholstery take to dry up?

A:- It depends upon the service, if you steamed and cleaned your upholstery then it will dry up in 2-4 hours during summer but in winters it can take about 4-6 hours to dry up completely. While if you choose dry upholstery cleaning then you can use it as soon as the service is finished because dry upholstery cleaning leaves the fabric of upholstery dry. 


2. What if my upholstery gets damaged during the upholstery cleaning?

A:- Upholstery cleaners always stay careful while applying detergents to the upholstery. Still, the service is 100% insured & if your upholstery gets damaged during the cleaning then you will get compensated for that.


3. Is Professional Couch Cleaning worth it?

A:- It seems unnecessary expense for some people but avoiding such maintenance can cost you more in long run. This routine maintenance helps the upholstery to last longer & you don't have to spend a sum of money for its replacement.


4. How long does it take to professionally clean a sofa?

A:- It can take up to 2-3 hours to clean a 3 seater sofa depending upon the number of loose cushions & the level of dirt on the sofa.


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