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Carpet Cleaning Service Sydney

Major Carpet Cleaners is a group of Carpet cleaning professionals which expertise in carpet cleaning services for your accommodation in Sydney. Our professional team of carpet cleaners practice the best cleaning procedures, in order to make your carpet look new again. Our company has been always the symbol of core value which includes the best in hand professional Carpet cleaning services. The professionals are highly experienced and well equipped to give quality results. The coordination and flexibility of our team make the hassle-free Carpet cleaning experience worthwhile. Customer relationship is the most important part of our service. Hence, we always strive for the best in class service to you all out there.

While you choose us as your carpet cleaning service in Sydney, you opt for the widest range of services being provided in the best of time and value. Major carpet cleaners introduce a highly competent team of professional Carpet cleaners to give an end to all your cleanliness problems. Our work has given us the recognition of impeccable services right at your doorstep.

With our reliability and integrity towards the customers, we always get prioritized by our customers when it comes to the best cleaning services in Sydney.

Carpet Cleaning Services we Offer in Sydney

There are just one or two ways of cleaning your carpets and each cleaning method has its pros and cons. At Major Carpet Cleaners, we provide you with all the best ways of carpet cleaning that will not only clean your carpets but also restore their appearance. Out of all the ways and products being used to clean the carpets we use only the best ones so that our customers get satisfaction. No matter how tough the job is our staff takes care of work with ease.

There are many carpet cleaning companies out there who are in this business for money making but we are here for satisfying our customers and for that we provide them with only the best. Out of or different types of carpet cleaning, here are mentioned 6 of the best cheap carpet cleaning techniques that are being used by Major Carpet Cleaners

1. Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney:

the most effective and old method of carpet care and cleaning that has been used for ages. In this method, a machine is used to spray high-pressure steam on the carpet, that penetrates the fibres of the carpet and helps in removing the dust that is stuck deep inside the carpet fibres. It also kills any germs or bacteria present inside the carpet so it cleans as well as works as a defence against unwanted pests. The steam also helps in repairing the carpet fibres as it makes the fibres lose, that were stuck together, before.

2. Hot Water Extraction Method:

It’s also just like steam cleaning but you can say it’s somehow a version of steam cleaning. Here the equipment that is used has two operations. First of all, it sprays a high-pressure water spray on the carpet that comprises cleaning compounds, that help in breaking down dirt and dust present inside your carpet. Another component of the machine is a vacuum pump that helps in removing all the excess water right after it has been sprayed on the carpet. This continued and as a result, the carpet gets less wet and dries up quickly.

3. Carpet Shampooing:

As the name suggests carpet shampooing involves using a special shampoo that goes all the way to the base of your carpets and dissolves any and every dirt particle that may not be removed using steam cleaners. The shampoos used for carpet shampooing are similar to those which we use for washing our hair as the base ingredients are the same but some additional ingredients are present in this shampoo which will take care of stubborn stains along with their bad odour.

4. Odour Removal Services:

In many cases, people won’t notice that there’s a smell inside their home. They don’t realize it as they are living in it all the time but when someone from outside visits, they notice it instantly. That’s because your carpets have bacteria in them which might be causing this horrid smell. To remove these bacteria from your carpet you need to get professional carpet cleaners who will use bio-enzymes-based carpet cleaners, that will not only remove the smell from your carpet but also make that stench go away in no time.

5. Flea Treatment Carpet Cleaning:

In many cases, it has been found that ticks and fleas were found living inside the carpet areas near your bed, couch and pet area. If you try on your own, you might never be able to get rid of these pests as they will hide very easily and can move freely inside the fibres of the carpet. To get rid of them you can call Major Carpet Cleaners as we have trained staff who will take care of them with help of strong vacuum pumps and our special cleaning compounds that will take care of these pests quickly.

6. Carpet Dry Cleaning Services:

Carpet dry cleaning is not completely dry but it involves the minimum amount of water so that your carpet may dry up faster. This method of carpet cleaning is most suitable if you are in a hurry or your carpet is not that dirty as this method will not deep clean your carpet instead it will improve the physical appearance of the topmost layer of the carpet. This type of carpet cleaning comes in handy when you have a function at your home and you just want a quick fix.

7. Carpet Stain Removal Sydney

If your favourite carpet has stains, it doesn't mean that you have to say goodbye to it. It's time to say goodbye to that stain by Major Carpet Cleaners' experts with their carpet stain treatment in Sydney. They can quickly and effortlessly clean the carpet the same day.

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Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

We wear our clothes every day and need to wash them after one or two days to keep them clean as numerous things can make them dirty. Similarly, the carpets also need to be cleaned as they are more prone to become dirty as they are used throughout the day. There are many things that you don’t even notice but they make your carpets dirty like when you come home and remove shoes at the doorstep thinking the shoes are the only dirty things but you forget that your socks are filled with dust and sweat. You walk with your sweaty socks all over the carpet and making it dirtier. If you have toddlers or pets at home then it will be even tougher for you to keep your carpets clean as they end up doing things that will end up making your carpets dirty. So it becomes very important to get your carpets cleaned and for carpet cleaning in Sydney, you can get in touch with Major Carpet Cleaners. 

We Are Capable of Removing Almost All Kinds of Stains:

Urine Stains Removal:

Pets(Generally, Cats or dogs)  pee on the carpet and leave yellow stains and smells on your carpet. We can clean all kinds of stains & smell with deodorisation. Hire our service to get it with perfection.

Red Wine Stain Removal:

Red wine leaves stubborn Red stains on carpet fibres. These stains are quite hard to vanish. With time these stains get more difficult to clean. So, Hire our Carpet Cleaning professionals today for stain removal service.

Blood Stain Removal:

Blood leaves a deep stain on the carpet and seeps into the gaps & attracts microbes which may lead to several other carpet issues if left unnoticed. Hire our carpet cleaning professionals and get an effective stain removal service.

Food Stain Removal:

Food Stains are even worse than other stains. The liquid stains like curry leave a deep stain on top & stingy smell as well. These stains should be cleaned asap with the help of washing powder before it gets dried. You can call our professionals for a cleaning service if required. 

Coffee Stain Removal:

Coffee stains are a curse to carpets. They can make permanent stains on the carpet if left unnoticed for some time. Blotting the stains as soon as possible is the only way to save your carpet from permanent stains. In case, If this didn't work, then you can call professionals in our team.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Major Carpet Cleaners is among the best carpet cleaners in Sydney and we follow a systematic approach to cleaning your carpets. The first thing our professional workers do is vacuum clean the carpet and remove any heavy dirt particles from the carpet. After that, there is a variety of cleaning services like steam carpet cleaning Sydney, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, hot water extraction, shampooing, etc. All these methods are equally effective but used as per the kind of carpets you have because one method is not suitable for every kind of carpet. After the completion of the task, our workers will dry your carpets if possible to save your time and make them available for use as soon as possible.

Benefits of Hiring Our Cleaning Services

People think there’s no difference between hiring a professional cleaner or doing the cleaning work yourself. But by employing professional cleaning service providers you get lots of benefits. Some of the many benefits are being listed here:

Other Services We Offer in Sydney

Forget those long hours of struggle with the dust and dirt around you. With us, you get all those essential services of cleanliness right under one portal. When it comes to looking for resolute hygiene, we always provide assured results. It is indeed our virtuous services that make us the favourite choice of all. Well, while it comes to making sure that why should we be the reason for your foremost cleaning service option, there are various aspects which could be considered. Read down more to know about the carpet cleaning Sydney services we offer. We work professionally altogether to get your floor cover aligned well making every nook and corner of the floor work with almost perfection and the tidiness with our Carpet stretching Services
At the same time also meet those hygienic goals with the best in class tiles and grout cleaning & carpet repair services with us. Comprehending your home decor makes the great goal of having those well-cleaned curtains. Last but not least also get rid of those unwanted pests across your accommodation with the affirmative and the safe pest control services from us. To all those trouble issues of residential and commercial accommodation which make you upset, the one-stop solution lies right with the professional carpet cleaning company. Wait no more and reach us out to tackle your issue with an expert.!

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Emergency Cleaning Services

Emergency Cleaning Services

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100% customer satisfaction

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Locally owned

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Licensed and Certified Team

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Flexible and easy scheduling

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Advanced cleaning equipments

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Outstanding customer support

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Reasonable pricing

Nobody can beat it for the quality of Professional carpet cleaners we provide.


Renew Your Carpet with Local Carpet Cleaners

No need to worry if your carpet has any sort of imperfections, Major Carpet Cleaners will fix them in no time. No matter if it’s a cigarette burn or a torn-out piece of carpet, we can fix it all for you. All you need to do is call and fix your appointment with us. Our workers use modern technology to fix your carpets and renew them so that they may look like freshly bought new carpet. The restoration of carpets done by  Major Carpet Cleaners workers is so good that you won’t be able to figure out that which part of your carpet has been restored.

Effective End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Service

Everyone knows that if you need to get back your security money at the end of the lease agreement, the house must be in tip-top condition and it turns out most of the time landlords refuse to give back security money as the carpet was damaged. To secure your security money you need to get your carpet restored and just for this purpose Major Carpet Cleaners provide end of lease carpet cleaning service in which all-around cleaning and repair of carpet is done by our workers. Firstly, the carpet is deeply vacuumed and after that, all the stains and spots are removed. After this steam cleaner is used to deeply clean to refresh the fibres of your carpet. Once the cleaning work is completed, the carpet is examined properly and if there’s any damage then it is repaired like holes, burn marks, wrinkles, etc. After the carpet is fully repaired, you won’t be able to tell if it’s a new one or the repaired one.


Carpet Cleaning Service Near Me

If you are seeking a carpet cleaning company near you, then you are in the right spot. We are located in New South Wales and serve our services to our clients all around Sydney. We offer all types of carpet cleaning services you need. 
We know that you spend a lot of time and money getting the best carpets, that match your home interior & also your taste in fashion. That’s why our expert team does hard work day and night to satisfy our clients and make them happy with their best carpet cleaning service.

Book our Same Day Carpet Cleaning Sydney

In today’s busy world it is not very easy to spare time for things like carpet cleaning and then accordingly manage your timetable to get them cleaned. It is not like only people who are busy in their busy life, are unable to spare time for these things, it may be possible that there’s a function at your place and you need to get your carpets cleaned as soon as possible. That’s why for the sake of our customers’ precious time we provide same-day carpet cleaning in Sydney. You can get our same-day cleaning package at a very nominal price that is slightly above the normal price. Now you don’t need to clear your schedule just for a carpet cleaning session and simply choose a day the day on which you are available at home and we will visit you for cleaning your carpets.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydney

Many people are of opinion that getting carpets cleaned by professionals is very expensive and it will not be economic for them to hire a professional. But the services provided by Major Carpet Cleaners provide affordable carpet cleaning service and customized cleaning solutions for your carpets. Our prices are very nominal and you will find them very attractive as they are not that high. Our carpet cleaning services are not just affordable but among the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney so if you are in a need of carpet cleaning then without further ado call us and give us a chance of making your carpets spotless. Many people also argue that why should they call professionals when they can clean their carpets on their own and a simple reason for that is there are many products to clean carpets and a lot of time involved. So instead of stressing yourself over how to clean them, you can hire us at a very affordable price right now.


We are Experts in the Cleaning Process

Our company has been a professional carpet cleaning Sydney business. We are skilled in carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and mattress cleaning. Whenever you want to steam & dry carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal service after the party. We have a skilful team in the cleaning industry. feel free to call us at +61 0422151318 anytime for booking our emergency carpet cleaning services and request a quote here.


Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning services

1. How much does carpet cleaning typically cost?

Answer: Generally, professional cleaning companies charge either based on the size of the carpet that requires carpet cleaning or per room. But on average carpet cleaning sydney prices Sq. Ft of carpet is $0.25 & per room While cleaning a whole room carpet is between $25 to $70 again the cost varies depending upon the size & type of carpet.

Average Cost per Sq. ft $0.25
Average cost per carpet cleaning service Between $150 to $180
Average cost per room $25 to $70
The average cost for 200 - 400 sq. ft room $70 to $130
The average cost for 500 - 1000 sq. ft room $ 140 to $200


2. Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself?

Answer: It is better to hire a professional carpet cleaning company rather than cleaning the carpet doing it yourself because their experience helps them to do a much better job than you and of course their equipment also has more suction power than whatever is available to you. Carpet dries faster as well as compared to when you clean it yourself.

3. Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

Answer: If your household spills items on carpets most frequently that are difficult to clean then buying a small cleaner is a worthful solution. But if you want to clean the entire carpet then it is better to hire professionals as they have much better equipment than you. 

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia


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